Saturday, August 22, 2009

psychic test: UNIVERSE

THE UNIVERSE OR UNIVERSAL MIND IS ONE! When we are able to experience all energy vibrations or dimensions of the universal mind, we will soon discover that the visible and the invisible universes have merged. All universes are really one! Since we as human beings experience certain vibrations only, we therefore experience certain aspects of the universe only! The aspects we experience form the physical reality or the Plane of Separation. All things seem to be separated from each other. This experience however; is an illusion! We have purposely chosen to experience this illusion by living life as human beings! Life as a human being therefore is a celebration! We are the Essence of the universe and we have succeeded in creating a "vehicle" for our Mind/Soul to live in that allows us to experience specific aspects of our creation only! It's an absolutely astounding achievement!!! However, when Godbeings separate themselves from their own Wholeness, they invariably get lost in their creation or dream! This is what has happened to mankind! We are aspects of our own universal mind and at this moment we dream that we are separate entities living in a body that is subjected to time and space. In order for us to return to our Source or Wholeness, we must awaken and attain Cosmic Consciousness. Also called; The Christ or Buddha Consciousness. We are this Consciousness, but do not know it! Eventually all human beings will attain the levels of awareness necessary to promote themselves to the higher levels of consciousness or mind. Yes, by all means remember that we're not here because we have sinned and have been kicked out of Heaven. We are here to experience our physical reality!

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