Thursday, August 6, 2009

psychic test: the Psychic Pet

On the Making of a Psychic Pet
ANYONE WHO has lived closely with his or her pet has a basic grasp of what promises to be a crucial phase in human intellectual history. While pet owners do not generally view themselves as members of a group engaged in important scientific research, the fact is that the reports of those who have observed their animals may very well be the basis for some of the most startling revelations in the study of uncanny animal behaviour.
There are many reasons why people decide to own pets - to ease their own loneliness, to protect property, or for a purpose as practical as ridding a house or barn of mice. But much to some owner's surprise, they soon realize that they have entered into a very special relationship with a creature whose powers far exceed anything which the owner had been reared to expect. Pets, originally purchased as aristocratic creatures of display to be paraded in local shows, often end up in incalculably different roles - as confidants, peers, teachers.
Those who have already experienced the mysterious power of the animal kingdom can pinpoint the exact moment when they first realized that their pet was operating on a level far different from and vastly superior to-that which the pet had first been given credit for. A cat leaps on to the telephone table and makes worried feline sounds just before the phone rings with an important message; or a dog suddenly, without warning, goes through a radical behaviour change, pacing and whining, and the owner has no idea why; an hour later, a loved one comes knocking at the door and the dog, finally, curls up in contented sleep. One close friend first glimpsed the psychic power of animals in a tragic way. Her pet canary, Lucy, began to chatter wildly something the ordinarily placid and heedless bird never did - at the sound of a bicycle being pedaled up the front walk. The cause of the commotion? A Western Union messenger was bringing news of my friend's sister's death - the sister who had given her the canary a few months earlier.

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