Thursday, October 22, 2009

psychic powers gift combined

The fascinating thing is that human traits, such as intuition, will power and charisma, are also psychic powers combined from the basic psychic gifts! People with strong will power or large charisma do not tend to see themselves as psychic, but in terms of brain waves they are easily placed: Charisma is a combination of the 'recieve present' gift, in the form of reading the minds of those around him, and a strong 'transmit past' power that actually allows him to subtly alter his own personality by changing his past, in such a way that the personality is more agreeable to the person he has just met (and mind-red)! This incredible discovery has been verified through brain wave readings many times in the laboratory. Similarly, 'will power' and 'being visionary' is nothing but a 'recieve future' and a 'transmit future'-psychic power combined.

As we can see, there have been experimental observations of brain waves for all nine positions on this grid - except one. The 'recieve future'+'transmit past' brain wave has not been observed in the laboratory yet, but the GUPT predicts that a psychic power of such a type MUST exist! It turns out (Fig. 7) that if you add *all* brain wave patterns in this grid together (including the theoretical RF+TP power) you get a flat line -- which is exactly what is demanded in standard neurology for a consistent brain function. Therefore, this power must exist, but it has not (yet) been observed

psychic abilities test

Does this sound complicated? Don't worry, it isn't. Let us take an example to truly underline how incredible this result is: Let us take the case of a healer. A healer, while healing, has some interesting brain waves, that don't fit into the basic grid of psychic powers. But, if you add the brain wave patterns of 'recieve present' and 'transmit future', we get an almost perfect match! (Fig 5). How is this to be interpreted? Simple. A healer does nothing more than combine two psychic abilities, each of which on its own is relatively useful. She has a 'recieve present' power, which allows her to psychically recieve the problems of her client. She then uses a 'transmit future' power to alter the client's future in a way so that the problems will not bother her later. This is the way healing works. Simple, yet incredible! I'm not saying healers know that this is the way they are working. Many healers admit blankly that they do not know how their powers work. The GUPT explains it, and also lends strong scientific backing to the exploration and research into making healing more effective. Interestingly, the similar group of 'aura healers' have completely different brain waves. it turns out (Fig. 6) that they use a combination of 'recieve past' and 'transmit past'! This is clear enough, based on the knowledge of auras we have today. It is known (4) that many problems in our auras today stem from a trauma in the past, which left a 'dent' in the aura. To heal this dent, the aura healer uses his 'recieve past' gift to psychically 'read' the trauma in his client's aura. He then uses a 'transmit past' ability, not unlike retrokinesis, to alter the aura's damage in the past. The result is an instant healing in the present!

psychic powers

Our research has shown a strong correlation between the brain waves of the psychic and the type of psychic phenomena taking place. It has been well known for some time that the brain in its different states produces different types of waves, referred to as the 'alpha', 'beta', 'theta' and 'delta' waves. These waves can be measured using an EEG (electro-emcephalograph) (3). There is a measurable similarity between the conjuction of different types of brain waves in a telepathist and a remote seer, or a psychic photographer and a spoon bender. On figure 1, we see the high theta spike from all the 'recieve present'-type psychics, a spike which is completely absent from any of the 'transmit present' types. Similarly, the peaks on the alpha and beta on the 'transmit past' are almost the mirror image of the 'recieve future'. (Fig. 2).

As before mentioned, these six types of psychic powers are all different ways for the psychic to manipulate time. This is the essence of a psychic power. Now, the three powers in the 'recieve' row are all powers that in some way 'funnel' time into the psychic, while in the 'transmit/alter' row the psychic can 'spew' time. This is clearly refected in the brain waves of the two different rows, where they are practically inverse of eachother (fig. 3).
Now, the fascinating thing about this -- and, we dare say, the foundation upon which the GUPT is built -- is nature's capacity to *combine* two psychic powers, as long as one of them is a 'recieve' power, and one is a 'transmit' power. By simply adding the two brain wave functions of two compatible psychic powers, we get a new brainwave (Fig. 4). This resultant brain wave corresponds almost exactly to the brain waves of psychics which other powers! This has been experimentally verified, and has yielded some fascinating new insights into the nature of the human mind and paranormal abilities.

psychic test: TIME IS NOT STATIC

Well, the first observation to make is this:
It has been well known in paranormal circles for decades that some humans indeed do have an ability to recieve information from the past (as in Past Life Regression) and from the future (such as clairvoyance). It is also possible to alter the future and past, although this is less common. Altering the past is called Retrokinesis (1), and altering the future is a process referred to as Fate Bending, used almost exclusively by Voodoo Priests in certain african tribes (2).
For the sake of the GUPT, I will now write up some fundamental psychic powers in a grid, positioning them according to time and action:
PAST PRESENT FUTURE --------------------------------------------------- Recieve Past Life Telepathy Clairvoyance Regression --------------------------------------------------- Transmit Retro- Telekinesis Fate Bending /Alter Kinesis ---------------------------------------------------
This grid should be read as follows: For instance, 'Telepathy' is in the 'recieve' row and the 'present' column. This indicates that telepathy is a paranormal ability that allows the 'seer' to receive from the present. In the same way, 'telekinesis' is a process to transmit or alter the present through psychic means.
All basic psychic abilities can be placed somewhere in this grid. For instance, something like psychic photography is also in the 'telekinesis' box, since it alters the present. Therefore, it is prudent to view psychic abilities not as isolated abilities, but as 'representatives' of one of the six greater categories of psychic powers.


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have more will power than others? And why some people just seem to automatically know what to say and do at the right time? Why some people just seem to be automatically likeable for no reason? And why some people have psychic powers, and others do not?
Well, now a group of psychology professors has made a breakthrough in understanding the finer mechanisms of the human psyche. The answers to the above questions can all be answered by applying this new knowledge, a theory called "The Grand Unified Paranormal Theory".
The psychology, neurochemistry and psychics behind the theory are quite advanced, but the main points are easily explained and understood. What makes this theory so special is its ability to predict psychic powers in individuals based on brain waves.
So, what does the Grand Unified Paranormal Theory (GUPT) tell us?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

psychic test and psychic ability

I have certain friends who appear to have a high degree of psychic ability and when they tell me their thoughts I listen and then check it out for myself. I don't just blindly accept what they say. But they also don't go around telling everyone what to do or how to live, etc. They only respond when asked.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

psychic test - inner voice

When you go to a party and jabber all night long with strangers, you are delighted finding out all this stuff about other people at the time. (what else you going to do?:) The next day you are moody and have a headache maybe. The subconscious can be overloaded. The party can cause a psychic upheaval. In attempting to make sense of the actually bizarre conversations you had the night before, the subconscious has a very difficult time doing this because the fact of the matter is a lot of what you and the people you talked to didn't actually make all that much sense even though at the time it appeared to. Excessive talk overloads the subconscious. It dissipates energy and monks take vows of silence (mouna in yoga) to accomplish the reverse. Silence allows a collectedness. A walk through the forest allows you to unwind some of the endless jabber that constantly plagues your mind.
The inner voice rattles on and on and on in all our waking hours. Like a radio that has been on so long you have forgotten there IS an off-switch. Yogic concentration is about mind control. Deliberately willing thoughts to cease. This does not mean a blank, dull, lethargic staring into space. It means an intense awareness of being in the Eternal Now. In samadhi you are so alive that you can not move. The mechanical thinking mind is like a butterfly trying to swim underwater. Painful for awareness/consciousness to get back into because it is so clunky. And then, to move the physical body - well - that is like the man in the moon. Sure as hell ain't me. Thats the sort of thing you go through coming out of samadhi. You clearly see how distinct you are from both the mind and the body - and a great big smile comes to your face knowing this.
By controlling the inner, the outer automatically comes under control. You are the creator of all you attract. Everything that happens is the result of everything that has happened. Every single electron - even in distant galaxys is doing exactly as it 'should' be.
Theres lots more to this sort of stuff. There is also the sub of the subconscious mind. The sub-superconscious mind. The instinctive mind/instinctive reactions/the aura. There are mystical games like thought watching.
There is something in you that never ever changes. We were never born and can not die

Monday, October 5, 2009

psychic test

If you are around people that drink and you are not drinking and do not want drink, you have to very carefully watch what you think/put into your subconscious because it is likely that you will develop the subconscious desire to drink at some point in the future. These desires are called samskaras in yoga. Subconscious desires. If you do not monitor it, you may in the future be provided the opportunity to drink and because you are unaware of a lurking subconscious desire you put in your brain earier (or many of them) you will have to suppress the desire. You can only do this for so long. The way to not supress desires (become subject to karma) is to understand your thoughts. Repressions can not stand the light of understanding. Once understood, they evaporate. If you do not put the wrong thoughts in your mind to start with, they will not crop up in the first place in the future to begin with.
Thought watching is a mystical activity I learned from Satguru Subramunia. It is only spiritual people that can ultimately be successful at this because the ego hides many things from your conscious mind that are not pleasant to you. Only from ruthless fearless inner scrutiny and relentless persistence of this activity do these skeletons in your closet emerge. For such inner strength normally yoga or some other means is required. It is also by this means (and mantra and samadhi) that past lives can be recalled. By thought watching I mean at sudden unexpected intervals - interrupting yourself and asking 'what am I doing?' Then track backward in your thinking to discover the desire that led you to be doing what it is that you are doing (in yoga this would be to discover what attachments you have to the material world that hold you bound to the wheel of karma/birth and death from desire). Then ask - 'What was I thinking?' Then track backward to discover the origin of this like of thinking. It is a very telling means of discovering how you can be led to think and believe very bizarre things by ego.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

psychic test - future

Not only does the subconscious make sense of the events of the day in terms of all your experiences in life, the unconscious past-life experiences are then updated with this new data from that days experiences. Karma is dispersed/desires that cause re-birth undone. But in those same experiences are the fresh seed so new desires/karma. In this way the soul makes sense out of incarnations and evolves. The same thing happens when a person believes they are going to die. Their life 'flashes before their eyes.' The soul does an accounting via the subconscious (and unconscious) of remaining desires/karma yet needed to be satisfied - it takes a snapshot of what may need to go to seed in the astral body at death. Superconsciousness of the soul does not take place in time and space. It operates at infinite 'speed.' Note that in clinical psychology the use of the word unconscious now refers to the brain stem and lower animal brain. Here I refer to the unconscious in the sense Carl Jung uses it more or less. Psychology has seen fit to remove the word subconscious from them also. I guess all those hypnotists out there and the mesmerism that preceeded it was all false/wrong...... It doesn't matter how cute (stupid) psychology gets, it is now the right brain hemisphere - a fact I strongly doubt psychologists even know themselves. Stupidity abounds.
The subconscious is like a little dog that follows the conscious mind around. It operates 24 hours a day everyday until you 'die'. Like animals, the subconscious mind has no sense of humor whatsoever. Worse, it has no clue what humor is. It is the part of the brain that 'gets the joke'. But it is the left brain that generates laughter. If you speak ironically/satirically/or are facious, you do yourself no favors. All this does is confuse the subconscious. If you say something like 'I will fix this if I can.' This is a demonstration of your inability of how the subconscious works. The subconscious has no clue what to do with such a combination of words. What does 'if I can' mean? You have to give it statements like I will do this. Or I will not do this. Never say something like, 'I always forget what that word means.' The subconscious takes everything you say verbatim. By saying that you actually reinforce a behavior you do not like so that it will happen exactly the same way in the future.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

psychic test - sleep

There is no limit to how much you can learn by understanding that you are 2 people. Your right brain is your subconscious that does not use words and is where intuition from the soul (superconsciousness) filters through - because this part of the brain is not saddled with cumbersome words. Stated another way, intuition comes through the subconscious. Understanding happens in the subconscious and then the conscious mind attempts to read the word label off the bucket the image match happened. The conscious mind is the left hemisphere of the brain and is responsible for language and laughter. It is an OUTPUT device only. Just like you printer is clunky and slow - so is your conscious mind saddled with words. The right brain/subconscious is an analog device - it is continuous and not discrete. It can operate at enormous speeds as soon as the clunky conscious mind gets out of the way in sleep.
The left hemisphere of the brain is the conscious mind and this is what needs to be rested in sleep. (not exactly, the subconscious fills up and creates a need to sort out the data for the soul to make sense out of it and it can only do so when the clunky conscious mind gets out of the way. The subconscious never rests.) The same problem crops up in concentration and meditation. If you take a piece of paper and punch a small hole in it and do the same with another sheet of paper, one sheet can be thought of as the conscious mind and the other the subconscious mind. To be successful in meditation both the conscious mind and subconscious mind must work together. Seen in these terms, the 2 holes i n the sheet of paper must line up for you to 'see'. The goal then becomes lining up the 2 holes and this takes steadying the mind/not moving around/jumping from thought to thought. In sleep the subconscious makes sense out of the events of the day for the soul. This is like a good meal for the soul to evolve with.

Friday, October 2, 2009

psychic test - dreams

In dream we move through images only/there is no need for cumbersome words. Recollection of dreams leads to bizarre explanations of our actions in dreams. Dream logic is not the same as conscious logic. It is far more accurate because to use a word is to stuff an image into a box no matter how well it fits/something is lost in the translation from image(s) to words.
So we may recall a dream we had the night before (understanding in the right brain of images) - proceed to congradulate ourselves at having done so - only to return to the memory and find it GONE! Why does this happen? Because the follow-on images from the image we recalled have no corresponding words associated with them. So the conscious mind looks for images based on conscious logic. Not dream logic/wordless logic. It fails and we can not remember any more.
Further, things can happen in dreams at an enormous rate of speed. Sometimes we have a dream and the knowledge filters down through the subconscious in days or weeks or even months (then we have deja vu because we have no clue how we 'we have been there before.') From Thought Mechanics I show that when a pattern match is found with the pattern-matching algorithm holographically comes up with a match - 'understanding' takes place. It 'dawns' on us what a thing is. That is why deja vu is this experience. We understand something. We 're - cognize' something. Unfortunately, the thing we understand happened long ago and the conscious mind can no longer make the association/connection. When we see a building or something, for whatever reason, this triggers a dream-logic image sequence. Understanding happens and we are perplexed consciously and mistake the understanding that happens with the building as one of having been there before.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

psychic test - rem sleep

In deep sleep you are not at the same vibratory rate for them to tune into. Healing has a chance of greater success because the person may be in bed resting in a semi-awake state and receptive to you. By so-called imagination, you can heal someone. There is no such thing as 'imagination.' That word should be thrown out of our vocabulary. If you imagine something you create it. You just don't create it on the physical plane. Before you move your arm consciously, you must think it/imagine doing it. This thinking of doing it is action on the astral plane. The astral arm moves and as a result the physical arm responds. Phantom limb has to do with this as well.
We spend 1/3 of our lives in the astral world/dream world and yet it is given no reality. In my post Thought Mechanics I show what transpires in thinking. The same holds for dreaming. Dreaming is (can be) wordless/happen at enormous speeds - what people call 'deep dreamless sleep' - there is no such thing. In deep sleep we are at a rate of vibration so high we are disconnected with the physical plane. REM does not show up. If a transformer is placed on a table with a penny and it vibrates 50 (Europe) or 60 (US) cycles per second, it buzzes noisily. But if you increase the rate of vibration to one million CPS the penny appears not to move at all.