Sunday, August 9, 2009

psychic test is this real ?

I never was a believer in psyhics myself. I thought they were a joke. In fact, I really didn't think much of them at all. I thought it was just 1-900 nonsense like the Psychic Friends Network.
But, I went to see a psychic last year and I was very impressed. The woman did a tarot card reading for me. She didn't know me from a doorknob, yet somehow described my life very accurately, even down to personal concerns between me and my fiance'. Things that you couldn't guess about acurately. Like specific things we had discussed. The woman did not perform a cold reading, she did not ask me probing questions of any kind.
So, I was intrigued and I went to see another psychic. I just called her out of the blue and requested a reading. 15 minutes later I was sitting in front of her. She knew nothing at all about me. I didn't give her my name or anything. She proceeded to describe the events of my life very accurately. I went through a major depression as a teenager and she described it to a tee. She also describe my family members very accurately and my concerns about the future. Again, she did not perform a cold reading, she did not ask probing questions.
I had a recent encounter with a psychic medium at a psychic fair. Again, this person had never met me and knew nothing about me and again did not ask a lot of questions (a cold reading). He picked up on the fact that my father had passed away recently and proceeded to pass along information about my father and messages from him. The information about my father was very accurate. My father was not an easy person to guess about, because he didn't have a lot of hobbies or personality traits. But, this medium described my father perfectly, the fact that he loved to read and always sat in his favorite chair. The messages he passed on from my father sounded very much like what my dad would say. My father described heaven as a place where you are reunited with deceased family members and friends and your knowledge and resources are limitless.
Try pyschics out before passing judgement based upon some closed-minded skeptic or some HBO show. I've read skeptics accounts of John Edward's show and they aren't an accurate portrayal of how he conducts his show. Be skeptical of skeptics.

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