Monday, August 3, 2009

psychic animals

An English magazine called Tomorrow reports the same kind of phenomenon, but having to do with a cat's sensing a human's psychic distress call. A cat named Bill, devoted to his master, stayed home while his owner went traveling some distance. The man, badly hurt in a railway accident died in a hospital a few days later.
He was buried near the hospital, and at the interment the man's brother saw Bill there.
Bill, the faithful and clairvoyant cat, had known what - had happened and had made the journey to be near his master. The cat went to the edge of the grave, looked at the coffin, and then, sadly, turned and went back home.
Since humans first stood face to face and looked long into the eyes of the feline, with its vertical pupil and endless multicoloured depth, the cat has reminded us of the supernatural. The cat has always been associated with those parts of the universe which we humans fail to understand. When humans were closer to and still more or less remembered their animal (psychic) origins, it was not at all uncommon for psychic animals to be worshipped as gods.
Dogs, crocodiles species of birds, were all taken to represent the universal order and the hidden, secret powers of the universe. But no animal has been worshipped quite so fervently as the cat. In ancient Egypt, anyone known to have killed a cat was himself put to death.
For some, the quiet, secret grace of the cat may have been emblematic of all that was unknown in the universe; others may have been able to actually plumb the depths of the feline character, discovering all kinds of marvellous and astounding powers. It is interesting to note that as we drifted further and further from our origins further from the animal kingdom, and developed our rational, logical explanations of the universe, worship of animals turned into fear of animals.
Medieval communities literally lived in dread of the wilderness that surrounded them. (See Chapter 11 on animal transformation for a more detailed look at this fear.) Animal nature, rather than being looked up to and learned from, became synonymous with godlessness and depravity. The cat, once placed upon a pedestal and revered for its psychic powers and infinite grace, w;; transformed into an evil omen; frightening creature of the nigh: companion of the devil and the devil's handmaidens, witches. The night patrolled by the cat was the night of the human unconscious; the psychological space the cat stalked was that of the innate psychic powers which humans had abandoned within themselves as they rushed headlong into the modern age.
But while we may have suffered from the evolutionary drift away from our psychic powers, the most common housecat impresses us as being not very different from his ancient ancestors. Ages of living with humans seem to have changed the cat very little. Perhaps the cat intuitively knew the dangers of domesticity and has, therefore, always kept part of himself in reserve. Even the pudgiest, most pampered show-cat lets us know in a hundred different ways that he is still an untamed psychic creature, that he still primarily obeys a higher authority

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