Monday, August 3, 2009

cats psychic communication

Since the birth of the cats, her canine friend had been included in the family life. He often stood guard over the litter. While his instincts told him not to touch the kittens, it seemed from his gaze and attentions that he cared for them. But when it came time for the mother to move her nest she found that she needed her friend's assistance. She brought the dog face to face with her kittens, then walked with him to where she was making her new nest. then walked with him back to her litter. Although the dog seemed baffled, the mother cat left to continue preparing the nest. The dog did show up in the new nest, but without kittens. The mother cat led him to the old nest a second time. This time, the dog got her silent message. Going against all his instincts, he gently picked up and carried each kitten, moving the fitter to its new home.
This is an instructive example of inter-species psychic communication.
Of course to an expert, the cat explained her request to the dog through body language, but without a simultaneous telepathic communication the message would not have been complete nor would it have been understood. Clearly, the cat was able to transplant a visual image into the consciousness of her canine friend, a detailed and consecutive series of images which would at once encourage the dog to do a difficult thing and give him exact instructions on how to do it.
It seems to me that if a dog can learn to understand the unspoken language of a cat, we humans have a good chance of understanding it, too. A good start to learning to penetrate the sensitive and profound inner world of the cat is to concentrate on some of the outward signs and modes of communication that we can observe in any cat

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