Monday, August 3, 2009

psychic telepathic messages of cats

Cats often appear nonchalant and abstracted because they don't depend on mere physical senses. Cats don't need to confirm the telepathic messages they receive. The cat is, as we have said, a total receiving organism - it is constantly receiving information at all points of its body and mind. That is why the cat sometimes seems the most schizophrenic of all creatures: it is at once sensual and hedonistic, aloof and cerebral. One moment, your cat can roll with pleasure at your gentle touch; the next he can be poised near the window, his ears flicking to messages only he can hear.
The cat divides his life between two worlds, and most strike a balance brilliantly. Our cats always seem to be dozing at the exact spot on the rug where the sun is the warmest - yet these same sensual creatures spend a portion of each day tuned in to messages which not only we can't hear but which remain a mystery to most other animals as well.
Cats are masters of foreknowledge, and our ability to heed the felines predictions can either be amusing or fife-saving. My cat Loretta, great-granddaughter of Alex, was uncanny in her ability to know whether the phone was ringing to herald a personal call or a business call. Loretta, a bit of an anarchist, would never respond to a business call, but if the call was personal Loretta would rush towards the ringing phone, and pace back and forth before it until I answered. When the person calling happened to be someone Loretta was fond of, she'd jump on the telephone table and touch the ringing instrument with the tip of her nose

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