Monday, August 3, 2009

psychic sense of cats

On a more crucial level, cats have been recorded as having sensed the presence of death and of predicting all manner of disasters. The British, who in World War 11 endured the Luftwaffe's bombs, learned to depend on their cats. It was widely observed that cats had a foreknowledge of bombing raids. Even before the approaching German planes were detected on radar, cats would be seen rushing towards bomb shelters. Although there is no official count of how many British lives were saved by heeding the warning of cats, it is widely agreed that the number is a high one.
In the area of animal heroism there seem to be many more recorded cases of dogs reaching out to save human or animal life than stories about cats. Quite simply, the cat's relatively small size makes its heroism less conspicuous. And the cat's reputation for unconcern with human affairs can lead people to ignore their warnings. If a dog senses danger it can, if need be, intervene directly. It can drag a child from a burning house, tug his master forcefully by the sleeve.
But the cat can only give signs and make small noises. Also, the cat's nature is not as similar to our own as is the dog's. While the cat can of course be loved and even worshipped, it is harder to identify with than the dog is. Few cat lovers can look at a pet and think: He's just like me! Even physically, where a dog may take on a striking resemblance to his owner, the cat will remain ever himself, will make only the most necessary modulations in his behaviour so that he may communicate with his master. Cats have no intention of surrendering their individuality. They are supremely (and inspiringly) confident of themselves, of their completeness, of -their profound understanding of the universal order.
However, when a cat needs to communicate it seems to make no difference who the listener is - the cat will try and will often succeed in getting the message across. W. A. Hudson tells the story of a cat who was raised with a puppy who became her closest friend. This cat was unusually small. When she had a litter of kittens, she found it difficult to carry them in her mouth. One day, for reasons known only to her, she suddenly judged her nest unsuitable, and a move to a new place became top priority in her life

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