Saturday, August 22, 2009

psychic test: time and space

ABOUT TIME AND SPACE - THE CENTER POLES OF PHYSICAL REALITY! We experience time and space when we are awake. And even then, depending on our activity; time and space are quite flexible. The duration of time and the volume of space, depend on our attention or focus. The more we focus on either, the more pronounced they become! This proves that time and space are actually created by us and when we are unconscious or asleep we stop creating them. Time and space are the center-poles of our matter reality or physical world. They form the psycho-physical background of our day to day existence. The more attention we give them, the more they acquire! They are flexible components or conditions. Time and Space are created by our mind, our brain and our senses, working in a synchronizing energy field. The reality of time and space are generated by this special energy field that we are involuntarily subjected to, as long as we live in a physical body. Time and space, in and by themselves, do not exist and we become more and more aware of them when we focus upon them and thus co- create them. Time and space are each other's opposite. Time is the result of movement and space is the distance traveled during this movement. Time and space are also each other's mirror images. There is no time without space and no space without time. Time and space are a continuum! WE CREATE SPACE BY DEFAULT. The universe around us is like an ocean full of vibrating energy in which we swim. Different energies in this ocean vibrate in different patterns and frequencies and these differences create different kinds of matter or substances. Certain patterns and frequencies of vibration are noticed by our sensory system and the substances that are experienced as material or solid substances form our physical world and universe. The majority of the activities that take place in our environment however, are beyond our grasp. We experience only a small aspect of the total action! The total activity IS the universal mind or the entire ocean of vibrations! Aspects of this mind that are not noticed by us, leave openings and this gives us the false or illusionary impression, that these openings are empty spaces. We do not notice the energies that occupy these many openings because the energies or objects that are there, are created by vibrating energies with frequencies we cannot sense and therefore belong to another dimension. We as human beings are not made to experience these other energy densities of the Universal Mind. They belong to the astral and/or higher dimensions. The energy-bodies of our deceased relatives could be standing right beside us, but most people would never notice them, because we are not attuned to the frequencies of the next dimension or density! All realities, activities, objects or things are consciousness or mind in vibration! The aspects we see or experience of this ocean of vibrating mind; we call our surroundings. The things we do not sense or experience are dismissed by us. However, they are still aspects of our surroundings. Our invisible surroundings! We just do not notice these invisible energy vibrations, but they occupy the openings or room we call space. We look right through these energies, and therefore; we create space by default!
SPACE IS FULL OF ENERGY VIBRATIONS. In other words: space is not nothingness or empty!! It is full of energy vibrations that are not noticed or sensed by us. When we live in a human body, physical reality is the main vibration of the universal mind we are able to experience. This vibration or reality includes time and space for they are the most important aspects of the scenery or stage we perform on. Physical reality is a minuscule aspect of the infinite spectrum of energy vibrations we call the universal mind.

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