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psychic test: the magic

Remember representational systems? The idea that humans think in images, sounds, and feelings? While we're calling up images (a process called accessing), we're not able to look at what's going on in front of us. While we're listening to music, we're not able to remember our favorite song. While we're feeling our shoulders for tension, we're not aware of the touch of cloth against our skin. Seeing with the mind's eye and the physical eye are mutually exclusive processes. In Neuro Linguistic Programming, accessing -- thinking -- is called downtime, and obersving with the senses is labelled uptime. I run uptime as a meditation. Try this: for three minutes, look at the colors in front of you, the textures of surfaces, shapes... listen to the volume and pitch of all sounds in your vicinity... feel the surface you're sitting on, your hand touching something in front of you... The next time you generate an internal image, talk to yourself, feel your stomach tightening -- notice the difference. It's the difference between accessing and observing, downtime and uptime, external and internal reality. One thing that I notice about uptime is that it links to the concept 'sacred'. When I take a walk by the river, I watch the water rippling over rocks, listen to the white noise of the current, feel the moist air touching my skin. I bring myself out of my own internal creations and allow myself to live in the world. Another thing I notice about uptime is that some people don't do it very much. Most of us drop into internal reality when our environment is unpleasant, and that's a very useful thing to be able to do. But then a lot of people forget to come back out-- come to their senses, literally -- and experience the world again. Such people are very difficult to talk to. When I have a conversation, I like my partner to be listening to what I say, and watching my body language. More often, my partner is accessing some internal meaning for, or response to, what I'm saying. That internal meaning may or may not have anything to do with what I'm communicating. It isn't possible to observe someone (with all senses) when we're accessing. It isn't possible to achieve rapport with a person we're not observing. One of the bases of magical group workings is rapport between the participants. Try this: the next time you have a conversation about magic, observe your partner. Watch for: body position and gestures. Often people I talk to demonstrate what they feel when they do magic. [A woman describing her circle method moved her hand from her forehead down toward her feet, from shoulder to shoulder, and from her heart straight in front of her -- gesturing the three energy poles a circle creates.] Listen for: sensory descriptions --"I saw, I heard, I felt." Learning to go into uptime at will, and differentiate our representations of reality from our observations, is perhaps the most useful magical skill we can posess. It provides the basis for a reality check; it helps us communicate our experiences more effectively to others, and to help them duplicate what we do; and it is one of the most profound alterations of conasciousness.

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psychic test: magic

In studying magic I've been exposed to a lot of related fields--history, mythology, music--which enrich my understanding of my vocation. One of the most helpful series of books I've encountered is a set of five volumes starting with The Structure of Magic I. and II. which focus on... psychology. John Grinder and Richard Bandler developed the field they called Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP. One reason I suggest everyone I know become familiar with it is that they've taught this stuff to salespeople, managers, Pentagon employees... I see their techniques on television commercials and read about them in seminar descriptions. NLP is a people manipulator par excellance, and I think it's important others are made aware of this. Another reason is that it's so incredibly useful. Consider this: "The meaning of a communication is the response you get." In their terms, an elegant phrase. It's changed my entire relationship with others. If I don't make myself clear, I don't blame the listener. I restate my case, maybe trying a different body language, a different representa-tional system, a little pacing... Representational system? Well, what senses do we use to explore the world? Sight--hearing--touch, and taste and smell to a much lesser extent. So how do we think? In images, sounds and feelings--or, in NLP terms, in visual, auditory and kinesthetic representational systems. What's interesting is that we all make images and sounds and feelings to store experience, but we're usually only conscious of using ONE system. The words we choose to describe our experi ences reflect that: "I'm not very fo cused and I can't see what you're saying." Or, "I've got a handle on the feeling that's been bugging me." Or, "I hear that, it sounds like it will work." Spend one hour listening to people and you can verify this. Now, if I say, "I just can't feel good about that," and the person I'm talking to says "I don't see what's wrong with it," my communication hasn't received the response I want. If I switch to my partner's most favored representational system and say, "Let me make that clear to you. It looks like a really bad situation," that's one way to match, or pace my partner. See what I mean? Or maybe that gives you a feel for thepower of this particular "psychology".What does any of this have to do with paganism or magic? For starters, I wonder how many circle conflicts could be solved by something as simple as accomodating each other's most favored rep. system. In a working circle, is someone having trouble visualizing a goal? Is someone else very good at constructing mental temples, but totally unable to feel when to release the energy? Put them together, get them to trade notes and teach each other; both skills are part of the same experience. When you direct rituals, do you always include something to see or imagine, hear or sing, feel--in the body or tactually? Do your rituals work for some people and not others? You might check to be sure you're satisfying everyone's most favored rep. system. The function of magic is the response you get.

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At this point in human history, the Tribulation begins - aperiod so unparalleled in destruction that if Jesus should notreturn, mankind would cease to exist: Matthew 24:21,22 -"Forthen there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginningof the world until now--and never to be equaled. If those dayshad not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake ofthe elect those days will be shortened.", Jeremiah 30:7 - "Howawful that day will be! None will be like it. It will be a timeof trouble for Jacob, but he will be saved out of it.", Daniel12:1 - "At that time Michael, the great prince who protects yourpeople, will arise. There will be a time of distress such as hasnot happened from the beginning of nations until then. But atthat time your people--everyone whose name is found written inthe book--will be delivered.", Ezekiel 30:3 - "For the day isnear, the day of the LORD is near--a day of clouds, a time ofdoom for the nations.", Joel 2:31 - "The sun will be turned todarkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great anddreadful day of the LORD." The dreadful results of the tribulation are graphicallyportrayed in the Book of Revelation and will not be described indetail here. There are many good books which can go into detailfor those interested, but the end result is the loss of billionsof lives through famine, war, and natural disasters. Using thenumbers given in Revelation applied to the population of theearth today, this would result in the loss of four billion lives- truly a horrible picture. The Antichrist will persecute the Jews and the Christianswho will turn to Christ during that period. There will be someleft at the beginning of the Tribulation who refuse to worshipthe beast and receive his number. These were mentioned in thebeginning of this discussion. According to Revelation, an untoldnumber will accept Christ during this time and receivepersecution from the Antichrist and his followers - persecutioneven unto death. As the end draws near, Jesus will return as Hepromised, swiftly taking care of the Antichrist and his cohorts:Revelation 19:19,20 - "Then I saw the beast (the Antichrist) andthe kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to makewar against the rider on the horse and his. But the beast wascaptured, and with him the false prophet who had performed themiraculous signs on his behalf. With these signs he had deludedthose who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped hisimage. The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake ofburning sulfur." What began before the worlds were formed is finallyfinished, except for a footnote 1000 years later (Rev 20:7).Human history has ended. Good has triumphed over evil, in spiteof the goals, plans, and conspiracies of men. The other gods ofthis age and previous ages have fallen, and the true Lord reignsas every knee bows to acknowledge him as the true KING OF KINGSAND LORD OF LORDS.


He will appear during a time of a great falling away fromtraditional Judaeo-Christian values and religion, a period ofrebellion from these beliefs: II Thessalonians 2:3 - "Don't letanyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come untilthe rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, theman doomed to destruction." A worldwide religious system, notbased on these Judaeo-Christian values, will permeate the entireworld during this time, and the Antichrist will initially takeadvantage of it. Revelation 17 describes this false religiousentity. The beginning of the seven year tribulation period spoken ofthroughout both the Hebrew writings and the New Testament ininitiated when the Antichrist makes a covenant or treaty with thenation of Israel: Daniel 9:27 - "He will confirm a covenant withmany for one 'seven.' In the middle of the 'seven' he will put anend to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing [of the temple] hewill set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the endthat is decreed is poured out on him." The Living Bible statesthis verse in this manner: "This king will make a seven-yeartreaty with the people, but after half that time, he will breakhis pledge and stop the Jews from all their sacrifices and theirofferings. Then, as a climax to all his terrible deeds, theEnemy shall utterly defile the sanctuary of God." At the midpoint of this time, the Antichrist will reveal histrue personality and plans. He will commit the "abomination ofdesolation" spoken of by Daniel and by Jesus as he sits himselfin the Temple in Jerusalem and demands worship as God: Daniel 9:27 He will confirm a covenant with many for one 'seven.' In the middle of the 'seven' he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing [of the temple] he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him. Daniel 11:31 "His armed forces will rise up to desecrate the temple fortress and will abolish the daily sacrifice. Then they will set up the abomination that causes desolation. Daniel 12:11 "From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days. Matthew 24:15 "So when you see standing in the holy place 'the abomination that causes desolation,' spoken of through the prophet Daniel--let the reader understand- Mark 13:14 "When you see 'the abomination that causes desolation' standing where it does not belong--let the reader understand--then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. At this juncture, the mid-point of the seven-yeartribulation, the true tribulation events begin. Until now, theprior three and a half years have been very calm. Now the finalhalf begins - what is known in the Bible as the "Wrath of God",or the "Day of the Lord". Our God is a merciful, kind God whogives every man every chance to repent and change his heart if itdoes not conform to the Word of God. However, the Word is fullof warnings regarding the consequences of not following God'scommandment to do so. God, although He is merciful, will notallow those with sinful hearts to enter into His Kingdom. As aresult, there will be a point in time when it will be too latefor them: II Thessalonians 2:10-12 - "And in every sort of evilthat deceives those who are perishing. They perish because theyrefused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason Godsends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.And so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truthbut have delighted in wickedness."


By searching the scriptures, we can paint a mosaic of thepersonality of this end time figure. A troubled society producesthe atmosphere for a dictator, and his personality will draw mostof the people of the world to him. We are told in Daniel that hewill be a master of intrigue, he will succeed in whatever hedoes, he will be completely wicked and "stern-faced", and he willdestroy many: Daniel 8:23-25 - "In the latter part of their reign, when rebels have become completely wicked, a stern-faced king, a master of intrigue, will arise. He will become very strong, but not by his own power. He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does. He will destroy the mighty men and the holy people. He will cause deceit to prosper, and he will consider himself superior. When they feel secure, he will destroy many and take his stand against the Prince of princes. Yet he will be destroyed, but not by human power." However, it must be understood that when this man appears,he will not appear "stern-faced" at the beginning. He willappear the opposite - a man of peace, love, and concern for theworld. His emergence will be that of a benevolent dictator, withthe unity of mankind most likely being his theme. He will appearas the Savior who is promised or vaguely imagined in allconfessions and traditions, who will judge according to themeasure of worldly people. Everything about this great deceiverwill be so good, reasonable, and acceptable that one will have tohave very good reason and a lot of courage to remain calm andnegative about him against all public opinion and against awhirlwind of enthusiasm. He will be the epitome of deceptionand his machinations will not be realized by the world until hisreign is half completed. It is difficult to not compare him withHitler, another dictator of our time. When he first came topower, he so mesmerized the people of his time and country thatthey literally worshipped him. William Shirer, author of TheRise and Fall of the Third Reich wrote, "Today, as far as thevast majority of his fellow-countrymen are concerned, he (Hitler)has reached a pinnacle never before achieved by a German ruler.He has become - even before his death - a myth, a legend, almosta god..." He will acknowledge no god other than the material ones:Daniel 11:37,38 - "He will show no regard for the gods of hisfathers or for the one desired by women, nor will he regard anygod, but will exalt himself above them. Instead of them, he willhonor a god of fortresses; a god unknown to his fathers he willhonor with gold and silver, with precious stones and costlygifts." He will be boastful: Daniel 7:8 - "While I was thinkingabout the horns, there before me was another horn, a little one,which came up among them; and three of the first horns wereuprooted before it. This horn had eyes like the eyes of a man anda mouth that spoke boastfully." As Daniel 11:37 states, "He willexalt himself above all other people and values."


There is a great deal of scripture which gives a gooddescription of world at the time of the Antichrist. He willarrive on the scene at a time when the world will hail him as theanswer to the problems of a troubled society. What will make theworld so quick to accept a virtual dictator? Many have felt thata war which comes close to reaching global proportions may makemankind realize that a one world government is all that canprevent a global holocaust. Others have thought that when thebelievers disappear at the time of the rapture, all of the"negative thinkers" will at last be gone and no longer will be inthe way of a humanistic utopia and unity will be assured.Whatever the cause, there is some restraining force which must beremoved before the Antichrist can come upon the scene. Thatmoment is controlled by God, since He is the author of allevents. II Thessalonians 2:2-7 - "Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to him, we ask you, brothers, not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by some prophecy, report or letter supposed to have come from us, saying that the day of the Lord has already come. Don't let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God's temple, proclaiming himself to be God. Don't you remember that when I was with you I used to tell you these things. And now you know what is holding him back, so that he may be revealed at the proper time. For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way." What is this "one who now holds it back" which will need tobe taken out of the way? Many have said that it is the HolySpirit which will be removed from the earth at the time of therapture of the church. This would leave evil in the worldunopposed by the Spirit of God, so evil would then become rampantand cause the world of lawlessness and rebellion described as thetime of the end. Theologically, I question this, although I usedto ascribe to that theory. Rather, I believe the Holy Spiritwill still be on earth to guide and comfort the "great multitude"of Revelation 7:14 who will come to salvation out of the greattribulation. Regardless, the time of the Antichrist iscontrolled by God, and he will not come forth until the stage isready in God's plan.


There has been much speculation regarding the origin of theAntichrist and only a cursory reference will be made here. Manyhave felt he will come out of a revived Europe, and with theUnited States of Europe soon to be a reality, this hasstrengthened their views. Some have believed he may come fromSyria, based on scriptures from Isaiah and Micah. I tend tosupport the first theory because there is much more scripturesustaining that argument.


Why the Antichrist? What is his purpose in history? Whydoes he arrive on the scene at this moment in human history? TheBible is many things to many people, but one of its purposes isto outline human history. God is not trapped within the realmsof time as He has always been the I AM of the Hebrew scriptures -something which we cannot fathom, but must accept if we are tobelieve He is who He says He is. To discuss why evil exists isoutside the scope of this paper, but if we are to read the Biblewith any degree of literalism it is obvious evil is a prominentfactor in mankind and in the Bible. A great spiritual battlebetween Satan and God has raged since he fell from Heaven andEarth has been designated as the battleground. We read inGenesis of the beginning encounter in that battle as man movedinto the arena, and we see the promise of the coming One whowould eventually finish the war with victory (Genesis 3:15) -"And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and betweenyour offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you willstrike his heel." The Antichrist is Satan's final attempt to winthe war. He is also used by God as a focal point around whom theevil will rally as the world approaches Armageddon.

psychic test: who is the Antichrist

The Antichrist is the name of a future personage who willinfluence the world in an a masterful and pernicious way. Somehave said that the biblical references to him refer to aninstitution, a spiritual environment, or to a financial system.While the Bible is full of symbols, even a cursory examination ofthe scriptures applicable to the Antichrist will reveal that heis a man, not a symbol of an evil to come. The Bible gives aclear outline of this inauspicious person - something it wouldnot do if he were anything other than a flesh and blood humanbeing.

the answer to psychic test

Greetings, again, to ye who read this. Know Ye that, contained withinthis text, exists An Answer to a common Question. This Answer came, assuch Answers are wont, during the Early Hours of the Morning, whilst thisAuthor was engaged in contemplation of certain Matters of SpiritualConcern. WARNING! LET IT BE KNOWN THAT... 1. This Answer is not claimed by its Author to Apply to Everyone... (In fact, it probably applies to but a small minority of people.) 2. This Author is NOT, nor does he claim to be, infallible. (He has erred before, and will, most probably, err again.) (Hopefully, not the same mistake twice.) And so, with the above warnings fully understood, let us proceed...First, the Question, next, Answers which this Author has heard, and lastly,this Author's Answer.The Question: HOW CAN I BE SURE THAT I HAVE FOUND MY TRUE PATH? [nb. This Question may appear in different guises... (eg. How do I knowthat I have found my real religion? , How do I know that I am Right? ,ect..) ]Old Answers: 1. If I have to ask, then it must not be the True Path. (A sarcastic Mystical Response) 2. Because God Told Me So! (A "True Believer" in a "Personal"-Type Religion) 3. Because I have Faith. (Another "True Believer") 4. The Bible tells me so. (Trusts Bible more than Self) 5. "Everyone else" believes this, so it must be right. (A Sheep, with the Herd Instinct in full effect) 6. My Conscience/Heart/Inner Self/ect. tells me so. (Good Answer! But how many are Really "in tune" with themselves?) 7. Because this is where I feel most comfortable, and it's "where I belong". (Another "good answer", but again, not totally conclusive.) 8. I have "seen the Light", and will "change my ways", striving to do only that which is good. (Yet another "Good Answer", but, after having changed your mind once, who's to say you won't change it again?) And so on... Thus, while puzzling over the above Answers, and looking at past lives ofothers, the following theme was noticed: It seems that those who reallythink that they have found their True Path, tend to devote the rest oftheir lives to living in accordance with the way that they have found.Keeping this in mind, your humble author set out to examine his ownlifestyle, to see if he had, indeed, altered his mode of living to thatwhich would be proscribed by the Path that he had chosen. To this Author'ssurprise, he discovered that he had ALREADY been living by the said rulesof his way for a number of years prior to and during the search/choice of aPath. New Answer: If the shoe fits, to the extent that one has been wearing thatshoe for years and never even realized it, then Keep On Wearing It.

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psychic test: MODERN ALCHEMY

That alchemy has been studied in modern times therecan be no doubt. M. figuier in his "L'Alchimie et les Alchimistes",dealing with the subject of modern alchemy, as expressed by theinitiates of the first half of the nineteenth century, states that manyFrench alchemists of his time regarded the discoveries of modern scienceas merely so many evidences of the truth of the doctrines they embraced. Throughout Europe, he says, the positive alchemical doctrine had manyadherents at the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of thenineteenth. Thus a "vast association of alchemists", founded inWestphalia in 1790, continued to flourish in the year 1819, under thename of the "Hermetic Society". In 1837, an alchemist of Thuringiapresented to the Societe Industrielle of Weimar a tincture which heaverred would effect metallic transmutation. About the same timeseveral French journals announced a public course of lectures onhermetic philosophy by a professor of the University of Munich. Hefurther states that many Honoverian and Bavarian families pursued incommon the search for the grand arcanum. Paris, however, was regardedas the alchemical Mecca. There dwelt many theoretical alchemists and"empirical adepts". The first pursued and arcanum through the medium ofbooks, the other engaged in practical efforts to effect transmutation. M. Figuier states that in the forties of the last century hefrequented the laboratory of a certain Monsieur L., which was therendezvous of the alchemists in Paris. When Monsieur L`s pupils leftthe laboratory for the day, the modern adepts dropped in one by one, andFiguier relates how deeply impressed he was by the appearance andcostumes of these strange men. In the daytime, he frequentlyencountered them in the public libraries, buried in gigantic folios, andin the evening they might be seen pacing the solitary bridges with eyesfixed in vague contemplation upon the first pale stars of night. A longcloak usually covered the meager limbs, and their untrimmed beards andmatted locks lent them a wild appearance. They walked with a solemn andmeasured gait, and used the figures of speech employed by the medievalillumines. Their expression was generally a mixture of the most ardenthope and fixed despair. Among the adepts who sought the laboratory of Monsieur L., Figuier remarked especially a young man, in whose habitsand language he could nothing in common with those of his strangecompanions. He confounded the wisdom of the alchemical adept with thetenets of the modern scientist in the most singular fashion, and meetinghim one day at the gate of the Observatory, M. Figuier renewed thesubject of their last discussion, deploring that " a man of his giftscould pursue the semblance of a chimera." Without replying, the youngadept led him into the Observatory garden, and proceeded to reveal tohim the mysteries of modern alchemical science. The young man proceeded to fix a limit to the researches of the modernalchemists. Gold, he said, according to the ancient authors, as threedistinct properties: (1) that of resolving the baser metals into itself,and interchanging and metamorphosing all metals into one another; (2)the curing of afflictions and the prolongation of life; (3), as a'spiritus mundi' to bring mankind into rapport with the supermundanespheres. Modern alchemists, he continued, reject the greater part ofthese ideas, especially those connected with spiritual contact. Theobject of modern alchemy might be reduced to the search for a substancehaving the power to transform and transmute all other substances intoone another - in short, to discover that medium so well known to thealchemists of old and lost to us. This was a perfectly feasibleproposition. In the four principal substances of oxygen, hydrogen,carbon, and azote, we have the tetractus of Pythagoras and the tetragramof the Chaldeans and Egyptians. All the sixty elements are referable tothese original four. The ancient alchemical theory established the factthat all the metals are the same in their composition, that all areformed from sulphur and mercury, and that the difference between them isaccording to the proportion of these substances in their composition. Further, all the products of minerals present in their compositioncomplete identity with those substances most opposed to them. Thusfulminating acid contains precisely the same quantity of carbon, oxygen,and azote as cyanic acid, and "cyanhydric" acid does not differ fromformate ammoniac. This new property of matter is known as "isomerism". M. Figuier's friend then proceeds to quote support of his thesis and operations and experiments of M. Dumas, a celebrated French savant, asis well known to thous of Prout, and other English chemists of standing. Passing to consider the possibility of isomerism in elementary as wellas in compound substances, the points out to M. Figuier that id thetheory of isomerism can apply to such bodies, the transmutation ofmetals ceases to be a wild, unpractical dream, and becomes a scientificpossibility, the transformation being brought about by a molecularrearrangement. Isomerism can be established in the case of compoundsubstances by chemical analysis. showing the identity of theirconstituent parts. In the case of metals it can be proved by thecomparison of the properties of isometric bodies with the properties ofmetals, in order to discover whether they have any commoncharacteristics. Such experiments, he continued, had been conducted byM. Dumas, with the result the isometric substances were to be found tohave equal equivalents, or equivalents which were exact multiples of oneanother. This characteristic is also a feature of metals. Gold andosmium have identical equivalents, as have platinum and iridium. Theequivalent of cobalt is almost the same as that of nickel, and thesemi-equivalent of tin is equal to the equivalent of the two precedingmetals. M. Dumas. speaking before the British Association, had shown that whenthree simple bodies displayed great analogies in their properties, suchas chlorine, bromide, and iodine, barium, strontium, and calcium, the chemical equivalent of the intermediate body is represented by thearithmetical mean between the equivalents of the other two. Such astatement well showed the isomerism of elementary substances, and provedthat metals, however dissimilar in outward appearance, were composed ofthe same matter differently arranged and proportioned. This theorysuccessfully demolishes the difficulties in the way of transmutation. Again, Dr. Prout says that the chemical equivalents of nearly allelemental substances are the multiples of one among them. Thus, if theequivalent of hydrogen be taken for the unit, the equivalent of everyother substance will be an exact multiple of it - carbon will berepresented by six, axote by fourteen, oxygen by sixteen, zink bythirty-two. But, pointed out M. Figuier's friend, if the molecularmasses in compound substances have so simple a connection, does it notgo to prove the all natural bodies are formed of one principle,differently arranged and condensed to produce all known compounds? If transmutation is thus theoretically possible, it only remains toshow by practical experiment that it is strictly in accordance withchemical laws, and by no means inclines to the supernatural. At thisjuncture the young alchemist proceeded to liken the action of thePhilosopher`s Stone on metals to that of a ferment on organic matter. When metals are melted and brought to red heat, a molecular change maybe produced analogous to fermentation. Just as sugar, under theinfluence of a ferment, may be changed into lactic acid without alteringits constituents, so metals can alter their character under theinfluence of the Philosopher`s Stone. The explanation of the lattercase is no more difficult than that of the former. The ferment does nottake any part in the chemical changes it brings about, and nosatisfactory explanation of its effects can be found either in the lawsof affinity or in the forces of electricity, light, or heat. As withthe ferment, the required quantity of the Philosopher`s Stone isinfinitesimal. Medicine, philosophy, every modern science was at onetime a source of such errors and extravagances as are associated withmedieval alchemy, but they are not therefore neglected and despised. Wherefore, then, should we be blind tot he scientific nature oftransmutation? One of the foundations of alchemical theories was that minerals grewand developed in the earth, like organic things. It was always the aimof nature to produce gold, the most precious metal, but whencircumstances were not favorable the baser metals resulted. The desireof the old alchemists was to surprise nature`s secrets, and thus attainthe ability to do in a short period what nature takes years toaccomplish. Nevertheless, the medieval alchemists appreciated the valueof time in their experiments as modern alchemists never do. M.Figuier`s friend urged him not to condemn these exponents of thehermetic philosophy for their metaphysical tendencies, for, he said,there are facts in our sciences that can only be explained in thatlight. If, for instance, copper be placed in air or water, there willbe no result, but if a touch of some acid be added, it will oxidize. The explanation is that "the acid provokes oxidation of the metalbecause it has an affinity for the oxide which tends to form." - amaterial fact most metaphysical in its production, and only explicablethereby.


The grand objects of alchemy were (1) thediscovery of a process by which the baser metals might be transmutedinto gold or silver; (2) the discovery of an elixir by which life mightbe prolonged indefinitely; and there may be added (3), the manufactureof and artificial process of human life. (for the latter see Homunculus) THE THEORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF ALCHEMY: The first objects were to beachieved as follows: The transmutation of metals was to be accomplishedby a powder, stone or exilir often called the Philosopher`s Stone, theapplication of which would effect the transmutation of the baser metalsinto gold or silver, depending upon the length of time of itsapplication. Basing their conclusions on a profound examination ofnatural processes and research into the secrets of nature, thealchemists arrived at the axiom that nature was divided philosophicallyinto four principal regions, the dry, the moist, the warm, the cold,whence all that exists must be derived. Nature is also divisible intothe male and the female. She is the divine breath, the central fire,invisible yet ever active, and is typified by sulphur, which is themercury of the sages, which slowly fructifies under the genial warmth ofnature. The alchemist must be ingenuous, of a truthful disposition, andgifted with patience and prudence, following nature in every alchemicalperformance. He must recollect that like draws to like, and must knowhow to obtain the seed of metals, which is produced by the four elementsthrough the will of the Supreme Being and the Imagination of Nature. Weare told the the original matter of metals is double in its essence,being a dry heat combined with a warm moisture, and that air is watercoagulated by fir, capable of producing a universal dissolvent. Theseterms the neophyte must be cautious of interpreting in their literalsense. Great confusion exists in alchemical nomenclature, and thegibberish employed by the scores of charlatans who in later timespretended to a knowledge of alchemical matters did not tend to makethings any more clear. The beginner must also acquire a thoroughknowledge of the manner in which metals grow in the bowels of the earth.These are engendered by sulphur, which is male, and mercury, which isfemale, and the crux of alchemy is to obtain their seed - a processwhich the alchemist philosophers have not described with any degree ofclarity. The physical theory of transmutation is based on the compositecharacter of metals, and on the existence of a substance which, appliedto matter, exalts and perfects it. This, Eugenius Philalethes andothers call 'The Light'. The elements of all metals is similar,differing only in purity and proportion. The entire trend of themetallic kingdom is towards the natural manufacture of gold, and theproduction of the baser metals is only accidental as the result of an unfavorable environment. The Philosopher's Stone is the combination ofthe male and female seeds which beget gold. The composition of these isso veiled by symbolism as to make their identification a matter ofimpossibility. Waite, summarizing the alchemical process once thesecret of the stone is unveiled, says: "Given the matter of the stoneand also the necessary vessel, the process which must be then undertakento accomplish the `magnum opus' are described with moderate perpicuity. There is the calcination or purgation of the stone, in which kind isworked with kind for the space of a philosophical year. There isdissolution which prepares the way for congelation, and which isperformed during the black state of the mysterious matter. It isaccomplished by water which does not wet the hand. There is theseparation of the subtle and the gross, which is to be performed bymeans of heat. In the conjunction which follows, the elements are dulyand scrupulously combined. Putrefaction afterwards takes place. `Without which pole no seed may multiply.' "Then, in the subsequent congelation the white colour appears, whichis one of the signs of success. It becomes more pronounced in cibation. In sublimation the body is spiritualised, the spirit made corporeal,and again a more glittering whiteness is apparent. Fermentationafterwards fixes together the alchemical earth and water, and causes themystic medicines to flow like wax. The matter is then augmented withthe alchemical spirit of life, and the exaltation of the philosophicearth is accomplished by the natural rectification of its elements. When these processes have been successfully completed, the mystic stonewill have passed through the chief stages characterized by differentcolours, black, white and red, after which it is capable of infinitemultication, and when projected on mercury, it will absolutely transmuteit, the resulting gold bearing every test. The base metals made use ofmust be purified to insure the success of the operation. The processfor the manufacture of silver is essentially similar, but the resourcesof the matter are not carried to so high a degree. "According to the "Commentary on the Ancient War of the Knights" thetransmutations performed by the perfect stone are so absolute that notrace remains of the original metal. It cannot, however, destroy gold,nor exalt it into a more perfect metallic substance; it, therefore,transmutes it into a medicine a thousand times superior to any virtueswhich can be extracted from its vulgar state. This medicine becomes amost potent agent in the exaltation of base metals." There are not wanting authorities who deny that the transmutations ofmetals was the grand object of alchemy, and who infer from thealchemistical writings that the end of the art was the spiritualregeneration of man. Mrs. Atwood, author of "A Suggestive Inquiry intothe Hermetic Mystery", and an American writer named Hitchcock arepurhaps the chief protagonists of the belief the by spiritual processesakin to those of the chemical process of alchemy, the soul of man may bepurified and exalted. But both commit the radical error of stating thethe alchemical writers did not aver that the transmutation of base metalinto gold was their grand end. None of the passages they quote, isinconsistent with the physical object of alchemy, and in a work, "TheMarrow of Alchemy", stated to be by Eugenius Philaletes, it is laid downthat the real quest is for gold. It is constantly impressed upon thereader, however, in the perusal of esteemed alchemical works, that onlythose who are instructed by God can achieve the grand secret. Others,again, state that a tyro may possibly stumble upon it, but that unlesshe is guided by an adept he has small chance of achieving the grandarcanum. It will be obvious to the tyro, however, that nothing can ever be achieved by trusting to the allegories of the adepts or the manycharlatans who crowded the ranks of the art. Gold may be made, or itmay not, but the truth or fallacy of the alchemical method lies withmodern chemistry. The transcendental view of alchemy, however, israpidly gaining ground, and probably originated in the comprehensivenature of Hermetic theory and the consciousness in the alchemical mindthat what might with success be applied to nature could also be appliedto man with similar results. Says Mr. Waite, "The gold of thephilosopher is not a metal, on the other hand, man is a being whopossesses within himself the seeds of a perfection which he has neverrealized, and that he therefore corresponds to those metals which theHermetic theory supposes to be capable of developing the latentpossibilities in the subject man." At the same time, it must beadmitted that the cryptic character of alchemical language was probablyoccasioned by a fear on the part of the alchemical mystic that he mightlay himself open through his magical opinions to the rigors of the law.

HISTORY OF ALCHEMY at psychic test

From an early period the Egyptians possessed thereputation of being skillful workers in metals and, according to Greekwriters, they were conversant with their transmutation, employingquicksilver in the process of separating gold and silver from the nativematrix. The resulting oxide was supposed to possess marvelous powers,and it was thought that there resided within in the individualities ofthe various metals, that in it their various substances wereincorporated. This black powder was mystically identified with theunderworld form of the god Osiris, and consequently was credited withmagical properties. Thus there grew up in Egypt the belief thatmagical powers existed in fluxes and alloys. Probably such a beliefexisted throughout Europe in connection with the bronze-working castesof its several races. Its was probably in the Byzantium of the fourthcentury, however, that alchemical science received embryonic form. There is little doubt that Egyptian tradition, filtering throughAlexandrian Hellenic sources was the foundation upon which the infantscience was built, and this is borne out by the circumstance that theart was attributed to Hermes Trismegistus and supposed to be containedin its entirety in his works. The Arabs, after their conquest of Egypt in the seventh century,carried on the researches of the Alexandrian school, and through theirinstrumentality the art was brought to Morocco and thus in the eighthcentury to Spain, where it flourished exceedingly. Indeed, Spain fromthe ninth to the eleventh century became the repository of alchemicscience, and the colleges of Seville, Cordova and Granada were thecenters from which this science radiated throughout Europe. The first practical alchemist may be said to have been the ArbianGeber, who flourished 720-750. From his "Summa Perfectionis", we may bejustified in assuming that alchemical science was already matured in hisday, and that he drew his inspirations from a still older unbroken lineof adepts. He was followed by Avicenna, Mesna and Rhasis, and in Franceby Alain of Lisle, Arnold de Villanova and Jean de Meung the troubadour;in England by Roger Bacon and in Spain itself by Raymond Lully. Later,in French alchemy the most illustrious names are those of Flamel (b. ca.1330), and Bernard Trevisan (b. ca. 1460) after which the center of ofinterest changes to Germany and in some measure to England, in whichcountries Paracelsus, Khunrath (ca. 1550), Maier (ca. 1568), Norton,Dalton, Charnock, and Fludd kept the alchemical flame burning brightly. It is surprising how little alteration we find throughout the periodbetween the seventh and the seventeenth centuries, the heyday ofalchemy, in the theory and practice of the art. The same sentiments andprocesses are found expressed in the later alchemical authorities as inthe earliest, and a wonderful unanimity as regards the basic canons ofthe great art is evinced by the hermetic students of the time. On theintroduction of chemistry as a practical art, alchemical science fellinto desuetude and disrepute, owing chiefly to the number of charlatanspracticing it, and by the beginning of the eighteenth century, as aschool, it may be said to have become defunct. Here and there, however,a solitary student of the art lingered, and in the department of thisarticle "Modern Alchemy" will demonstrate that the science has to agrate extent revived during modern times, although it has never beenquite extinct.

ALCHEMY: psychic test

The science by aid of which the chemical philosophers ofmedieval times attempted to transmute the baser metals into gold orsilver. There is considerable divergence of opinion as to the etymologyof the word, but it would seem to be derived from the Arabic al=the, andkimya=chemistry, which in turn derives from the late Greekchemica=chemistry, from chumeia=a mingling, or cheein, `to pour out` or`mix', Aryan root ghu, to pour, whence the word `gush'. Mr. A. WallisBudge in his "Egyptian Magic", however, states that it is possible thatit may be derived from the Egyptian word khemeia, that is to say 'thepreparation of the black ore', or `powder', which was regarded as theactive principle in the transmutation of metals. To this name the Arabsaffixed the article `al', thus giving al-khemeia, or alchemy.

Abraxas psychic test: good evil and

Abraxas is the Supreme Natural Power in which the creative force and the destructive force are united and transcended. The Natural Law is the only law, the perfect law, the law of the strong. "Good" and "Evil" are human constructs which attempt but utterly fail to describe Natural Law. It has been said that the "Evil" that men do lives after them, and the "Good" is buried with their bones. "Evil" is a word small meמ used to describe aspects of life which they fear to accept, actualize, or acknowledge. "Evil" has, of necessity, become enshrined in myth and legend to engorge men with fantasies of those elements of life from which he cowers. In healthier civilizations, myth and legend spur men on to active pursuit of their ideals. In much of the world today, myth and legend have become stand-ins to a whole and natural lif

psychic test: Chinese cosmology

In Chinese cosmology, which Japanese is based on too, the source ofeverything is _tao_, the universal law. From _tao_ comes _one_ which isexistence. From it form two powers, ying and yang, which are both oppositeof each other and filling each other. The interaction of ying and yangcreates _ki_, so that these two becomes three. _Ki_ is the "immaterialbreathing", which Lao Tzu wrote about. It is in many shapes, from lightto granite. Even immobile matter is built from very dense _ki_, just likeevery matter is formed of particles of energy.So, how three becomes "ten thousand"?According to the old philosophy _ki_ appears in five forms of energy,which are called the five elements. They are fire, earth, metal, waterand tree. Each of those have their own special characteristics, whichbecome visible in some of the "ten thousand" things or beings.For example flora belongs mostly to the tree element and stones andminerals to the metal element. Every one of the ten thousand thingsor beings of nature has some kind of combination of _ying_ and _yang_and an unique combination of the five elements, which forms "the real_ki_" of the thing or being.

"Tao becomes one,one becomes two,two becomes three andthree becomesten thousand.Behind existence of every itemis a shadow,in front of it is lightand as stabilizer isimmaterial breathing." -- Lao Tzu: Tao Te Chiang

psychic test: the 7 rays

"We are told that seven great rays exist in the cosmos. In our solar system only one of these seven great rays is in operation. The seven sub-divisions constitute the "seven rays" which, wielded by our solar Logos, form the basis of enless variations in His system of worlds. These seven rays may be described as the channels through which all being in His solar system flows, the seven predominant characteristics or modifications of life, for it is not to humanity only that these rays apply, but to the seven kingdoms as well. In fact there is nothing in the whole solar system, at whatever stage of evolution it may stand, which does not belong and has not always belonged to one or other of the seven rays. " (R I 163)The author of this passage is the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Kuhl. He has been our primary source of information on the seven rays for the past 70 years. Until the end of the last century the seven ray system was known and taught only to a limited few disciples and adepts of the Ageless Wisdom. There have long been hints of this doctrine concealed within the teachings of all great philisophies and religions, but it has not been systematically presented, as have astrology or numerology. Astrology, since ancient times, has been divided into exoteric and esoteric branches. The ray teaching, however, has remained esoteric and largely hidden from the world. Only now, within the last seven decades, have we seen the beginnings of an exoteric presentation of the seven rays. The reason for the new emergence of this ancient knowledge at this time seems quite simple. "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." Humanity, the World Disciple, is apparently now ready, and stands on the threshold of a great awakening. New responsibilities, new opportunities and new light are being urged upon us by the Teachers of the race. Concurrent with this expansion is the need for a deeper, conscious penetration by the human race into the essential nature of reality. What was once occult mystery is now rapidly becoming practical science. Not only is the teaching on the rays emerging, but so are esoteric astrology, psychology, healing and many other formerly occult sciences receiving increased exoteric recognition.What is meant by the word 'ray'? The Tibetan answers this question in the following manner: "A ray is but a name for a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibits and not upon the form aspect which it creates." (R I 316) The seven rays are seven qualities of energy. Rays do create forms, though the emphasis is not on the external, but rather on that which lies behind or within the form.Modern physics has concluded that all is energy, that within every form lies an essential network and pattern of energy. The seven ray teaching, in scientific terms, is an hypothesis that asserts the following: All energy within form is fundamentally septenate in character. The energy, as well as tthe forms derived from it, can be described through seven discrete and archetypal streams.The seven streams of energy, it is said, are the very vibrations within matter, space and form which define and infuse all objects, all beings and all events in manifestation. They combine and interweave to create all the complex systems we know as reality, from the grandest interstellar spectacle to the smallest mundane occurrence of daily life. As concepts they will be found to be familiar, simple and direct of apprehension. They strike a chord in our consciousness and are, quite literally, closer to us than breath. Yet the system they compose is as vast and elusive as the world and the cosmos itself. To truly comprehend and usefully apply this knowledge can be equally elusive, and is an immeasurable challenge.The seven primordial energies are beyond complete, exact depiction in words, or even in thoughts on the planes of this world. They are too essential and encompassing to be wholly contained or isolated within our narrow band of the Greater Spectrum. But to stimulate understanding and the flow of intuition within us, certain descriptive phrases have been used in connection with the rays. This is a list of some of the more common synonyms: Ray One - Will, purpose, power, destruction Ray Two - Love, wisdom, inclusiveness, coherence, magnetism Ray Three - Active Intelligence, adaptability, creativity Ray Four - Harmony through conflict, beauty, sensitivity, unity Ray Five - Concrete knowledge, science, mind, analysis Ray Six - Devotion, idealism, adherence, force Ray Seven - Order, ceremony, organization, group, magicThe ray teaching gives us an energy picture of creation and of life at all levels of being. It provides a means of explaining the intricate interrelationships of all things, spiritual and material; and it proclaims their oneness and interconnectedness.As part of this energy picture of the cosmos, human beings are, of course, themselves composed of ray energies. The various bodies or vehicles of incarnation of the individual human being - the personality, the mind, the soul, etc. - are said to issue forth on one or other of the rays. The particular, dominant pattern of vibration within an individual or group or nation qill establish its constitution, its environment and the keys to determine the inante opportunities and limitations of the entity. Practically, it is a picture of the inherent impulse, the immediate need and prescribed path of evolution. The psychological application of the ray hypothesis is of particular interest because it provides a practical energy framework for understanding the make-up of individuals and groups. The rays of a person, when determined, studied and understood, will enable that individual, or his counsellors or therapists, to 'go to the source'. Knowledge of ones' energy-essence and underlying vital composition can be invaluable in developing a balanced program for life, lived in accord with nature collectively, and with what is individually appropriate and true.The emanation and interplay of human energy is seen as a reflection of the energy of the universe. That which is in man is in all things. And, importantly, it is the energy within that dictates the outer appearance and behavior of each and all.In order to undrerstand the "seven streams of force", we are constrained to use verbal and numerical descriptions. But bear in mind that any words we may use are mainly attempts to translate a quality into a form. And, in translations of any kind, something of the original is always lost.The correspondences between the ray doctrine and numerology will be obvious, but the rays are not, in actuality, numbers or symbols or techniques for divination. They are fundamental creative energies, the vibrations of our very essence. The following summaries of the rays, based on research in the teachings of the Tibetan, may help to explain the range and focus of each of the seven qualities:Ray One. This energy is the beginning and the final synthesis - the source of all other energies. It is the essence of power and energy itself. The first ray is the force of purpose, direction, centralization and one-ness, of which the will is the keynote. It is characterized by the qualities of intensity, dynamism, quickness, and dominance. It often results in detachment, isolation and crystallization. And out of its force and directness is conceived the powerr of creative destruction.Ray Two. Consciousness is born of the second energy, in the union of duality, spirit and matter. This is the source and blending of light and love, magnetism and relationship, inclusiveness and coherence. It is the ray of wisdom, sensitivity and intuition, as well as clarity and attention to detail. This energy is a qualifying, teaching and healing force. It often results in attachment andd attraction, and, curiously, establishes our awareness of fear, the antithesis of love and relationship. The second ray is the energy of the entire solarr system and hence is also a ray of profound synthesis.Ray Three. Activity and intelligence work out from this source, a result of purpose and wisdom. It is the energy of full and great manipulations, creativity and adaptability. Needs are recognized through this force, plans are formulated, material is selected and business is undertaken. The third ray is clear, inherent mental and intellectual ideation in pursuit of truth, with the objective of manifesting in matter and substance. It is the power which evokes form.Ray Four. This energy stands symbolically in the center of the seven and is the magnetic relation of opposites, the point of harmony, bridging and mediation amidst conflict, pain and struggle - in a sense, the fruition the duality rooted in the second ray. It stimulates creativity, art and beauty and is characterized by sensitivity to color and sound. Discrimination, quickness and a searching for perfection reside here. The intuitive, relational force is strong in this ray, which evokes life, love and understanding.Ray Five. This is the energy of concretion into substance, of knowledge and science, and of stimulation in the three worlds. It leads to the searching, analysis and development of ideas, which in the end produces light and wisdom. It is the enerrgy of differentiation and investigation which can lead to separativeness, cleavage and crystallization. But the thoroughness and discrimination with which the fifth force works in the mind and the intellect leads the way ultimately to understanding and to the revelation of truth.Ray Six. The seeds of all devotion and desire pour forth through this energy. It generates adherence, intensity and persistence. The determination resident in this ray is a fiery essence, sometimes full of force, fury and even fanatical display and militant violence. Abstraction and aspiration characterize the sixth force, in the sense of an idealistic nature, loyally oriented toward the causal levels of being. The sixth ray is the power to recognize what is right and righteous, the upward tendency and the capacity to see the light.Ray Seven. This last of the seven is the most tangibly expressive on the outer planes. It is the quality of relationship between spirit and matter and is thus magical. It is rhythm which builds, integrates, circulates and manifests. It is the bringer and producer of newness in form. The relational power of this ray motivates law and order, rule and ritual, organization and group consciousness. It is practical understanding and vital energy externalized, which embodies both the center and the periphery.sciousness. It is practical understanding and vital energy externalized, which embodies both the center and the periphery.

psychic test: Astrology Prophet

Incredible as it may seem, astrology was persecuted earlier this century in the Western World. England's Alan Leo had to pay œ30 in fines and court costs in 1917 (ca. $1,500 today). But an American contemporary fared much better. It all started in 1899, when with Saturn and Uranus transiting her M.C., Jersey City born and Boston resident Evangeline Adams decided it was a good time to move to New York City. She read the chart of the owner of the hotel she planned to stay in on March 16 and predicted imminent disaster. On St. Patrick's Day Warren Leonardi's Windsor Hotel burned to the ground. He admitted she had predicted it; the press headlined it; Ms. Adams was on her way to fame. That was too much for the skeptics, and she was summoned to court on basis of an old state law equating astrologers with those "who pretend to tell fortunes."2 She refused to have the case thrown out of court. Judge Freschi gave her the data for a chart to interpret; she accurately read the personality of his honor's son, and the judge cheerfully admitted that "the defendant raises astrology to the dignity of an exact science."3 Astrology now became legal in New York, then the nation's "trend setter." The defendant rejoiced: "I have Mars conjunct my natal Sun in the 12th house. I will always triumph over my enemies."4 She now began to make a host of famous friends. Her Carnegie Hall studio in the heart of the city was visited by English royalty and the likes of Enrico Caruso, Mary Pickford and J. P. Morgan. In 1930 she started a thrice weekly radio program; mail poured in at the rate of 4,000 pieces a day. She surprised her public by turning down a travel tour for the fall of '32. Did she really know that she would then depart this plane? Her chart contains two patterns, indicator of an advanced ego, as also the fact that two of her New Age planets are angular.5 It is a Seesaw, two groups of planets separated by sextiles. She could view things from all sides. This is underscored by this also being a Full Moon map, bringing added awareness. All the more since the two lights are drawn even closer together by belonging to a ring (mutual reception of more than two planets) with Uranus, "patron planet" of the celestial science. Straddling the Ascendant is a cluster of seven planets compressed within 94 degrees. This is the natus of a talented person uniquely drawn to the public. The Sun may be in the "weak" 12th house, but one way or another it is connected with all the other planets.6 This is also a bucket  one planet at least a sextile from all others. It is Saturn, on the 9th cusp of the higher mind, dominating the entire chart, also co-ruler of the Sun sign and in a critical degree.7 Ms. Adams was a highly disciplined lady. We must never lose sight of the fact that one's capacity for discipline reflects one's progress on the Path.8 Students of astrology must be truly disciplined, from within, for there is no control over them from without. Anciently, they were "regulated"; Daniel was a "master of. . . astrologers."9 But today, the astrological community prefers to regulate itself, but as newsman Paul Harvey repeatedly reminds his listeners regarding mundane matters: self-government without self-discipline won't work. There are diverse kinds of discipline. Our Lord in the Sermon on the Mount spoke of a discipline consisting of activity whose "rewards were wholly in secret. He spoke of prayer and giving,10 but the principle also applies to those who would use the wisdom of the stars to serve mankind. To do the utmost good, astrologers must continue to labor at perfecting their skill even if inclined to think they could "get by" with less, that "nobody" would know the difference. Not on earth, perhaps. But rivalling Saturn's strength in her chart is Neptune  ruler, final dispositor, in a critical degree, cardinal sign and angular house. It is also lord of the most occupied sign, Pisces, with three planets and the Ascendant, and natural ruler of the most heavily tenanted house, the 12th. Its sign is also that of the sign signature, indicating compassion, sympathy, and understanding. It is noteworthy that at her funeral the preacher did not dwell on her skill or fame; he "commented on Miss Adams' 'love and understanding' of her fellow man."11 Dale Carnegie, in his classic "How to Win Friends and Influence People," claimed that sympathy and understanding is "what everybody wants."12 Of course it is no substitute for skill in reading the stars, but a necessary adjunct. The identical facts can be presented as encouragement or the very opposite. An author once admitted he felt better after a certain publisher rejected his manuscript with profuse apology than after another accepted the same grudgingly!

psychic test: more astrology

Thus Max Heindel described him. Esotericist Nicholas Roerich called him "a world spirit."2 He has been compared to Beethoven and Da Vinci.3 Renown philosopher George Santayana hailed him as "the wisest of mankind."4 One edition of his works consists of 143 octavo volumes, for he "never stopped writing, from his childhood,"5 which began when, as he noted, "at noon on the 28th of August, on the stroke of twelve, I came into the world at Frankfurt-am-Main,"6 and also; "The Sun stood in the sign of the virgin, and had culminated for the day; Jupiter and Venus had a friendly aspect, Mercury not an adverse one; Saturn and Mars were neutral; only the Moon, which was just full, exercised her counteracting power."7 In view of the aforesaid, it would be easy to call Goethe a Virgo. But the Moon had not been in the virgin's sign since the previous New Moon, hence the solar-lunar "wedding" had not taken place and the Sun also partook of Leo's nature.8 We also note that Leo is an intercepted sign, weakening its assertiveness, confirmed by the fact that "this man, so humble by nature, could not endure hero worship."9 His diffident deportment despite imperial insolence in his October 2, 1808, interview with Napoleon also was non-Leonian.10 What sign does he "belong" to? Could it be that being a "world spirit," rising above narrow nationalism, he "mystically" also rose above "signs"? His Sun's degree is "A merry-go-round."11 No boundaries; is there a better way to limn a "world spirit"? We note the strength of the New Age planets in his natus, indicative of much soul experience."12 Uranus is in its own sign, in dignity. Neptune in Cancer is exalted, in its own decan in a critical degree, and by dint of its location in the 9th house emitting "a higher vibration."13 It is part of a grand trine in water with Saturn and Jupiter and in a ring with no less than seven planets  all but Uranus and Venus. After all, can one really be a poet or lyricist without a strong Neptune? Music was in his soul: "I can always work better after I have been listening to music."14 He also "was most sensitive. He could not tolerate din; street noises were a torture to him; he had an aversion to the barking of dogs; he avoided. . . blare."15 That Pluto of his! Located and powerfully ruling the 1st house, it urged him on to his prodigious productivity. It is compulsive; has even been called obsessive.16 We glibly say, the stars impel, they don't compel. Some  a great deal  of the time this is true; not always. On earth all things are limited. In Goethe's dynamic deposition, is Pluto's push to productivity really resistable? "There was never a man in whose life the work to be done played a more dominant part."17 That sets him apart and one thus described certainly is "exclusive."18 That's Plutonian! Goethe declared, "Our safest course is to convert all that is in us and of us into action, leaving the rest of the world to discuss this action according to their ability and powers."19 With three planets close to his I.C., he could rise above the constraints of public opinion. Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime And departing, leave behind us Footprints in the sands of time. Can there be a better reason for studying the lives of earth's great? As we strive to emulate Goethe, a seemingly small fact about the man may be a key to his "success." He disliked all things trivial.20 If we wish to pattern our lives after his, there's no better way to begin than by leaving off the frivolous, Health-conscious newscaster Paul Harvey has repeatedly intoned, the easiest way to lengthen life is by cutting out the habits that shorten it. Similarly, if one seeks to grow in pursuit of "the highest and the best,"21 one can start in no better way than to eliminate the nonessential. "Eliminate," incidentally, is a basic keyword of Pluto.22 Pluto excels because it can eliminate that which detracts from excellence, it's basically that simple.

psychic test: astrology

Surely the spring of 1803 was a most benefic time for America. In April the Louisiana Territory, called the biggest real estate bargain of all time, was acquired, greatly enlarging its boundaries. And in May there was born in New England one destined to become a New Age pioneer. Even the pulpit of one of the most forward-looking churches was not sufficiently progressive for him. He resigned, and travelled to Europe to meet some of its avant garde thinkers like Wordsworth, Carlyle, Coleridge. On returning, he founded (in 1836) with Margaret Fuller, Henry Thoreau, and others, the movement that came to be known as Transcendentalism, no doubt the nation's most influential New Age initiative of the time. At first glance, his chart does not appear at all unique. It seems to be just another Splash pattern with the planets scattered in seven signs. He himself is credited with the saying that concentration is genius' essence, yet his own planetary energies seem widely dispersed. (Of course he also said that a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.) For his activity was broadly focused: he travelled, wrote, and lectured widely, yet he was a genius nevertheless. Our big clue to understanding his chart is in the 3rd house. Neptune is closely conjunct the Part of Fortune; this symbolic point's closest aspect often points to where the emphasis is. The configuration's meaning: "A sense of participation in vast social or spiritual movements."1 It is well to remember that in charts where Neptune is prominent, much is submerged, subtly concealed. After all, Neptune is "monarch" of the maritime; we must look deeply. In doing so, we find Neptune and Pluto in mutual reception. Uranus' solstice point is also with them: all the three New Age planets are together in the 6th house of work. Too, they are linked by (minor) aspects. Uranus and Neptune form a semi-square; Neptune and Pluto a biseptile (103 degrees, small orb allowed) of destiny. The extra-Saturnian orbs are very strongly interconnected, even though in a somewhat concealed, typically Neptunian manner. They have congregated in Neptune's sign that, greatly increasing its importance. Even though Gemini is the Sun sign and chart signature, Pisces is the real basis of Emerson's achievements. We have his own words for this: "The greatest genius is he who offers fewest obstacles to the illumination from above."2 Pisces is the sign most capable of self-abnegation, giving itself away. Only an empty vessel can be filled. How regrettable that the sign of the fishes is at times referred to with such disparaging remarks as "dustbin of the zodiac" when potentially it is most capable of responding to divine dynamics. This goes along with the 8th cusp of regeneration, bringing out the best, whose degree symbol is "An empty hammock."3 Nature  incidentally, this is the brief title of the book that helped launch Transcendentalism  abhors a vacuum. It will eventually be filled by something, in the spiritual realm either by demons or divinity.4 Surely Emerson emptied his own "hammock," or vessel, for an inflow from above, and with the strength of his New Age planets as noted above, his bent was to respond to their positive vibrations. All the more because we also glimpse two Finger of God configurations. Even one in a chart is quite rare; what comment would be adequate when there are two? Especially when their components are so exquisitely harmonious? In one, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune are all in some way tied to Pisces: Venus is exalted therein, the other two orbs dignified. In the other, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto are all related to Scorpio: Uranus is exalted, the other two dignified. The more harmonious the components of a configuration, the greater its potential. The apexes of the two figures of destiny are in the 6th and 8th houses; esoteric work was his appointed assignment. And esoteric astrology further helps explain his success. In addition to the regular mutual reception already noted, he has an esoteric one. Venus is Gemini's esoteric ruler; Mercury that of Aries; they're in each others' signs.5 Hence, special emphasis and relationship. Gemini is the logo of communicating where Emerson excelled. Aries is not only the symbol of forcefulness (here Venus removes abrasiveness), also of simplicity. It was said of a preacher, Six days a week he's invisible, the seventh he's incomprehensible. By contrast, Emerson was highly visible and just as comprehensible, a fact supported by these important degree meanings: The Ascendant: "Vibrant simplicity." The M.C.: "Warmth of simple living." The 12th cusp: "Death of useless things."6 Mercury: "A man trimming palms."7 In the sense of getting rid of the unnecessary, this surely is a step in the direction of simplicity. "Trimming" also implies making something short, brief. Emerson could not be accused of being long-winded. When lecturing, he would put his watch on the lectern and always stop at the time promised. There was a self-authenticating naturalness about Emerson's message. Though rightly called New Age, it was part of the Ageless Wisdom. This is clearly indicated by the chart. Straddling the Ascendant are Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus. The first represents the old, the last the new; since Jupiter is almost exactly in their middle it ties them all together even though no actual aspect exists.9 Emerson once said, "Astrology is astronomy brought to earth and applied to the affairs of men."9 It can similarly be said that the New Age Message is the Ageless Wisdom adapted and applied to this age. --A Probationer

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psychic test: UFO

Anonymous low-level informants have for years accused the U.S.government of hiding crashed UFOs. Since these sources are of uncertain reliability, the reports have been largely ignored. Now, however, ufologists must consider the testimony of RobertSarbacher, whose entry in WHO'S WHO consists of more than 3 inches of tiny print, including education at Princeton and Harvard and a stint as dean of the graduate school of the GeorgiaInstitute of Technology. In the years after WWII, the story goes, Sarbacher served as a science consultant for the DefenseDepartment's Joint Research and Development Board. He was inhis Washington office on September 15, 1950, it seems, when hereceived a visit from Canadian electrical engineer Wilbert B. Smith. According to information released by Smith just recently,it was then that Sarbacher revealed the existence of crashed UFOs, apparently under investigation by Vannevar Bush, the government's top scientist.

In a recent interview, Sarbacher, now head of the Washington Institute of Technology, confirmed those remarks. He says that during his period of government service as one of a number of government scientists who served largely as volunteers, he was told that the vehicles were composed of an "extremely light and very tough" material, apparently intended to withstand tremendous acceleration and deceleration. At one point, Sarbacher says, he was even invited to a meeting at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, where officials related their findings to scientists connected with the Research and Development Board. Sarbacher had other commitments and did not attend the meeting, but he says that those who did, including Bush and noted mathematician John von Neumann, were told that the vehicles appeared to be spaceships from another solar system.

Asked about his reaction to the episode, Sarbacher seems oddly blase. He admits he hasn't given much thought to a matter mostpeople would consider extraordinary -- he considers it simply acurious event in the course of a long scientific career. "Afterall," he says, "I had -- and have -- a great many more pressingscientific responsibilities. I wish I could refer you to someonewho was more directly involved than I was," he adds. "Unfortunately, they're all long gone."

Writer William Moore, who has been chasing government UFO secretsfor years, considers Sarbacher's testimony significant. "It's the first time someone with a reputation has come forward to state publicly that the Pentagon has a recovered UFO," he says."This isn't proof, of course, but it fits in with information wehave from other sources." Informed of these claims, Temple University history professor David M. Jacobs, author of THE UFO CONTROVERSY IN AMERICA, admits Sarbacher's credentials areimpressive but observes, "Until somebody can produce an actualcrashed saucer, this is hearsay evidence. And how can he talk so casually about something that would have to be the most sensational event in all of history?"

psychic test: unknown source, the true is still out there... will continue to update !

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psychic test: ufo

A number of cars on US route 119 observed what they thought was anaircraft coming down out of the sky and looked like it was going tomake a crash landing in the middle of the highway. Cars coming fromboth directions observed it. It had green lights, six to eight lights,larger than normal navigational lights, none flashing. Observed for30-40 seconds then from each direction there was like a bend comingaround and right at the spot where they lost sight of it. When theyall came around the bend the hillside was on fire indicating thatit had crashed on a real steep embankment. People stopped on bothsides of the road to climb up the embankment to put out the fire thinkingthat an airplane had crashed, but there was no crash and the objectjust disappeared. There was a nine foot diameter fire on top of thehill. The report went into Emergency Service as an airplane crash.They went up on the hill the next day and found two burnt circles,samples have been taken and are presently at the lab. What was unusualabout it was the fire was put out very quickly but after 15 hoursof the incident the area where the fire had been still had warm stonesbut outside that area the stones were cold. One witness was comingfrom California and was an air traffic controller. He stated he wouldsign a statement stating that what he saw was not a conventional aircraftand it was double tiered object with eight to ten green lights andwhatever it was was not a normal aircraft.

It`s all about psychic test

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psychic test: real aliens telepathically

For over 20 years Allan Drake has been obediently listening toalien messages coming to him telepathically. Though at firstresistant and disbelieving, Drake has finally come to terms withhis experiences-and his unseen mentors-enough to recall thecontact hopefully ;and passionaltely express his dismay aboutgeneral ignorance of extraterrestrial phenomenon. He sounds aclear warning that such ignorance must end.
"It is difficult for me to describe my feelings. But I feelthat for me and others the contactee experience has opened up awindow on the many mysteries that have gone unanswered for manycenturies."
"It started in 1959 when I was 14. With my family, I wasliving in a township near East St. Louis, Illinoise. We kidsused to play in an old, abandoned train depot near the house.
"One evening while I was alone and looking down the tracks, Inoticed a glow coming from a distance. At first I thought it wasa train, but it didn't move and I got curious. I started walkingdown the tracks toward the glow."
"I got within 50 feet of what looked like a round, metalliccraft sitting right on the tracks. Three beings stood around it.They were about 4 feet tall with rather large heads and no hair.Their eyes were larger than normal;the noses were very small.They had small mouths. As I approached the beings seemed tostare at me, making no moves."
"I became frightened and tried to hide in a gulley which ranalongside the tracks. The beings turned to face me, stillstaring. I could feel their eyes in my head! While watching thecraft in a prone position, I was struck in the head by a bluebeam of light from the craft, and rendered unconscious. Later Iawoke but the craft and beings were gone. I had the impressionthey had done something to me..."
"Since that time there have been other incidents. Abouteight years ago, while I was taking my son to the movies, my carwas bumped violently from behind while I was waiting at a stoplight. There were no other cars near at the time. When welooked behind, there was nothing there."
"When I arrived home I examined the rear of the car. On thetrunk could be seen five round marks arranged in a circularfashion, each about the size of half-dollar coins. The paint hadbeen 'erased' in those areas.
"About two years later, while working as a guard at a localcollege in the hills, I was sitting in my car at the bottom of ahill, while another guard was on duty at the top. Later he toldme he had seen a blue ball of light over my car, and watched itwhile it flew away. He described it as the size of a basketball.I was unaware of what was happening, but did have the impressionmy memory was being scanned. Different memories were coming tomind, even of childhood times.
"One night about three years later, I was in the living roomwatching television. It was about 2:30 a.m. Suddenly the TVstarted acting funny, and a kind of static charge seemed to fillthe room. Then a huge wind hit the house. It felt like it wasgoing to tear the house apart! I felt like there was some hugeobject right over the house-I was petrified and couldn't leavethe chair. It stopped after a few minutes. Later we found theTV antennae had been damaged.
"Recently there have been other strange incidents of psychic test in myhouse. Knocks come from the walls and roof. Things pop off thewalls at times. All during this time I have had what I believeis telepathic communication with alien beings, who tell methey're from the 'Association of Planets' who started life onthis planet and others. They have mastered what we call geneticengineering and can create any life form they please by arrangingDNA cells. They have powerful mental abilities and can moveobjects by thought alone. They control the human mind byimplanting suggestions, making a person think an objects therewhen it's not, or making it invisble when it's there! It's doneby controlling aspects of the brain.
"It was decided they would build a whole new world on earth.Association scientists got together and decided what life formswould be here, and arrangements were made to create ones to fitin with the various climates on the planet. They wanted abalance where no one life form would dominate. One planetlearder named Lucifer did not agree with this arrangement and hada dispute with the High Council...
"Life was eventually planted on Earth. Scientistsexperimented with different life forms, and some of them didn'twork out...eventually it was decided that the intelligent form oflife would be human in appearance. Different races of humantypes in the Association wanted the first humans on earth toresemble them. The human races were each allowed to plant a manand woman that resembled them in different regions on Earth, anda sophisticated civilzation developed, along with advancedscience.

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psychic test: seti and real aliens

Our Milky Way Galaxy is only one of 10 billion galaxies in thepresently observable universe. Our Sun is just one of some 300 billionstars in our galaxy alone. Astronomers have confirmed that the Sun andthe galaxy, which make our existence possible, are not unusual orbasically different from other galaxies and stars. A few generations ago, astronomers believed that planetary systemswere extremely rare--that our solar system and our Earth with itslife-supporting environment might well be unique. Chemists andbiologists knew little if anything about the processes that led to theorigin of life. In the last fifteen years, however, a number ofimportant discoveries have strongly suggested that there is afundamental relationship between the origin and evolution of life andthe origin and evolution of the universe. Advances in astronomy and physics have given renewed support to theconcept that planets are not rare exceptions, but are a natural partof the star formation process and may number in the hundreds ofmillions in our galaxy alone. [In December 1984, the National ScienceFoundation announced that a team of Arizona astronomers had detected apossible solar system around Beta Pictoris, a star 53 light years fromEarth.] Recent biological experiments applying natural energy sourcesto molecules have produced some of the organic building blocks thatmake up the chemistry of life. Radio astronomers have discovered thatmany organic molecules exist even in the depths of interstellar space.Elements identified in these molecules include hydrogen, nitrogen,oxygen, carbon, silicon, and phosphorus. Earth has been without lifeonly a small fraction of its age, which leads many scientists to lookupon the formation of life on other suitable planets as very likely.Once begun, and given billions of years of relative stability, lifemay achieve intelligence and, in some cases, may evolve into atechnological civilization. One direct way of testing whether intelligent life exists beyond oursolar system is to search for an artificially generated radio signalcoming from interstellar space. As an example, ultrahigh frequency andmicrowave radio signals emanating from Earth are expanding into spaceat the speed of light. This radio, radar, and television "leakage" ofours currently fills a sphere nearly 100 light-years in diameter. Thesame phenomenon would serve to announce the presence of otherintelligent life. Moreover, advanced civilizations might be operatingradio beacons, possibly to attract the attention of emerging societiesand bring them into contact with a community of long-establishedintelligent societies existing throughout the galaxy. Either type of signal (leakage or beacon) would be easiest to detectat frequencies where the background radio noise is minimal. One of thequietest regions of the electromagnetic spectrum is the "microwavewindow" that lies in the frequency band between 1000 and 10,000megahertz (MHz). It is reasonable to assume that others wishing toestablish interstellar contact by radio might choose this band. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) is not new, havingfirst been proposed by U.S. scientists in 1959. Since that time,numerous scientific and technical studies have been made on aninternational scale, and more than 30 radio searches have beenattempted, covering only a minute area of search space. What is newtoday is the available technology. Radio telescopes on Earth aresufficiently sensitive to detect signals no stronger than some leavingEarth at distances of a thousand light-years or more. The 305 meter(1000-ft) diameter radio telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, coulddetect transmissions from nearby stars that are less powerful butsimilar to our own television and radars. Advances in computers anddata processing techniques now make it possible to searchautomatically through millions of incoming radio signals each secondand, if it is present, to identify a signal transmitted by anintelligent society. The NASA SETI Program is nearing the end of a 5-year research anddevelopment phase, using existing radio telescopes and advancedelectronic techniques to develop prototype SETI instrumentation. Theprogram is being jointly carried out by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory(JPL) at Pasadena, California, and the NASA Ames Research Center atMoffet Field, California. Leading radio scientists from the nationallaboratories and academic community have also joined together in theSETI Science Working Group to assist the JPL-Ames team in developingthe instrumentation and the search strategy. The proposed plan involves two complementary search modes that aredesigned to cover a range of possibilities. One mode is an all-skysurvey that will search the entire celestial sphere over a widefrequency range (1200 to 10,000 MHz plus spot bands up to 25,000 MHz)to cover the possibility that there may be a few civilizationstransmitting strong signals, possibly as interstellar beacons. Longerobserving times may be allocated to directions that include a largenumber of stars, especially the galactic plane. The radio telescopesemployed will be the 34-meter (112-ft) diameter antennas that are partof NASA's Deep Space Network. The survey will be conducted by movingthe telescope across the sky at a constant rate. It will cover atleast 10,000 times more frequency space than all previous surveyattempts, will be about 300 times more sensitive, and will take about5 years to complete. The second mode is a high-sensitivity targeted search that will lookfor weak signals originating near solar-type stars within 80light-years distance from Earth. The objective is to examine thepossibility that nearby civilizations may have radio transmitters nomore powerful than our own. Some stellar clusters and nearby galaxieswill also be observed. The frequency range covered will be 1200 to3000 MHz plus spot bands between 3000 and 10,000 MHz. To achieve veryhigh sensitivity, the targeted search will use some of the largestradio telescopes available, including the 305-meter (1000-ft) diameterantenna at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, and the Deep Space Network's 64-meter(210-ft) diameter antennas. The number of targets covered will be muchlarger than previous searches and the range of frequencies coveredwill be thousands of times greater. The targeted search is expected totake about 3 years to complete. Current astrophysical knowledge and the available technology make theSETI observing program both timely and feasible. Timeliness alsorelates to the rapidly-increasing sources of radio frequencyinterference (RFI) in the microwave band. Portions of the microwavespectrum that directly concern SETI ar subject to allocation tonumerous users worldwide, emphasizing the need to proceed with SETIwhile it remains economically possible with our current technology. Ifthe use of the microwave spectrum continues to increase at its presentrate, the greatest exploration opportunity in the history of mankindmay be placed economically and technologically beyond our reach forthe foreseeable future.

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Psychic Test: What Is Wicca ?

WICCA (sometimes called Wicce, The Craft, or The Old Religion by its practitioners) is an ancient religion of love for life and nature.

In prehistoric times, people respected the great forces of Nature and celebrated the cycles of the seasons and the moon. They saw divinity in the sun and moon, in the Earth Herself, and in all life.

The creative energies of the universe were personified: feminine and masculine principles became Goddesses and Gods. These were not semi-abstract, superhuman figures set apart from Nature: they were embodied in earth and sky, women and men, and even plants and animals.

This viewpoint is still central to present-day Wicca. To most Wiccans, everything in Natures -- and all Goddesses and Gods -- are true aspects of Deity. The aspects most often celebrated in the Craft, however, are thr Triple Goddess of the Moon (Who is Maiden, Mother, and Crone) and the Horned God of the wilds. These have many names in various cultures. Wicca had its organized beginnings in Paleolithic times, co-existed with other Pagan ("country") religions in Europe, and had a profound influence on early Christianity. But in the medieval period, tremendous persecution was directed against the Nature religions by the Roman Church.

Over a span of 300 years, millions of men and women and many children were hanged, drowned or burned as accused "Witches." The Church indicted them for black magic and Satan worship, though in fact these were never a part of the Old Religion.

The Wiccan faith went underground, to be practiced in small, secret groups called "covens." For the most part, it stayed hidden until very recent times. Now scholars such as Margaret Murray and Gerald Gardner have shed some light on the origins of the Craft, and new attitudes of religious freedom have allowed covens in some areas to risk becoming more open.

How do Wiccan folk practice their faith today? There is no central authority or doctrine, and individual covens vary a great deal. But most meet to celebrate on nights of the Full Moon, and at eight great festivals or Sabbats throughout the year.

Though some practice alone or with only their families, many Wiccans are organized into covens of three to thirteen members. Some are led by a High Priestess or Priest, many by a Priestess/Priest team; others rotate or share leadership. Some covens are highly structured and hierarchical, while others may be informal and egalitarian. Often extensive training is required before initiation, and coven membership is considered an important committment.

There are many branches or "traditions" of Wicca in the United States and elsewhere, such as the Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Welsh Traditional, Dianic, Faery, Seax-Wicca and others. All adhere to a code of ethics. None engage in the disreputable practices of some modern "cults," such as isolating and brainwashing impressionable, lonely young people. Genuine Wiccans welcome sisters and brothers, but not disciples, followers or victims.

Coven meetings include ritual, celebration and magick (the "k" is to distinguish it from stage illusions). Wiccan magick is not at all like the instant "special effects" of cartoon shows or fantasy novels, nor medieval demonology; it operates in harmony with natural laws and is usually less spectacular -- though effective. Various techniques are used to heal people and animals, seek guidance, or improve members' lives in specific ways. Positive goals are sought: cursing and "evil spells" are repugnant to practitioners of the Old Religion. Wiccans tend to be strong supporters of environmental protection, equal rights, global peace and religious freedom, and sometimes magick is used toward such goals.

Wiccan beliefs do not include such Judeao-Christian concepts as original sin, vicarious atonement, divine judgement or bodily resurrection. Craft folk believe in a beneficent universe, the laws of karma and reincarnation, and divinity inherent in every human being and all of Nature. Yet laughter and pleasure are part of their spiritual tradition, and they enjoy singing, dancing, feasting, and love.

Wiccans tend to be individualists, and have no central holy book, prophet, or church authority. They draw inspiration and insight from science, and personal experience. Each practitioner keeps a personal book or journal in which s/he records magickal "recipes," dreams, invocations, songs, poetry and so on.

To most of the Craft, every religion has its own valuable perspective on the nature of Deity and humanity's relationship to it: there is no One True Faith. Rather, religious diversity is necessary in a world of diverse societies and individuals. Because of this belief, Wiccan groups do not actively recruit or proseletize: there is an assumption that people who can benefit from the Wiccan way will "find their way home" when the time is right.

Despite the lack of evangelist zeal, many covens are quite willing to talk with interested people, and even make efforts to inform their communities about the beliefs and practices of Wicca.

By: Amber K, High Priestess

Psychic Test: A Brief History of WitchCraft

covens seem to have existed during the burning times(the catholic witch hunts from 1300-1600), but whether all thoseburned, hanged, stoned, drowned and etc. (varying from 100,000documented cases to 9 million estimated cases), were witches is adebatable point. The Witchcraft mythos say that we are descendedfrom the ancient Goddess worshippping peoples whose religion gotpushed underground by the Christians circa 500 ce. This may betrue, but it is impossible to prove If the Goddess's priestess didindeed survive in the form of goody-wives and herb-women, theirreligion must have been carefully concealed and cautiously passedon in an oral form.We personally think that though there were indeed pagan tracesleft all over and incorporated into christianity, this doesn'tnecessarily mean that they were Goddess worshippping pagan traces.Patristic paganity had taken over the Goddess worshippping peoplefor more than 1500 years by the start of christianity.Modernly, somewhere in 1940 an English civil servant with apenchant for whipping and bondage, Gerald Gardener, got himself"initiated" into a "New Forest" coven in England. A long-timewitch Sybil Leek, from the New Forest who didn't particularlyappreciate Gerald, confirms it. Once Gardner had his hands on therituals Old Dorothy taught him, he decided that they werefragmentary and needed to be reconstructed. And here we have anodd little problem. Gardner had worked in a Ritual Magician'slodge with Aleister Crowley, a long-time family acquaintance ofSybil Leek's. Crowley was a consumate showman bent on shockingthe public. Sybil was always sad about him, feeling that he hadstrayed from the true path of the Craft, but he was apparentlyborn to one of the hereditary witch families of England. In spiteof this, his Ritual Lodge was based on his interpretations of theMagical Lodge of the Golden Dawn, a tradition started in 1890.Old Dorothy handed to her neophyte, Gardener, the treasured andcared for rituals that she and her coven had preserved for agespast. Gardener decided that the rituals were fragmentary and hiredCrowley to "reconstruct" them. A very public Witchcraft movementwas started by this. Gardener published and got onto TV a lot inthe fifties and sixties. Alex Saunders who managed to steal oneof his books of shadows and start his own Craft current, was knownto the TV media in England as "The King of Witches."These Craft currents were very hierarchical, male dominated(though token bows were given to the women), secretive, and untilvery recently totally heterosexual. They work on the ritual magicimage of the sexes being opposite and use this thought form tocreate images of electrical generators from sexual tension betweenmale and female. Gardnerians circled nude, used their cords totie initiates and scourge them as part of the initiation. Thereare no orgies however. The nudity was to encourage the "magic"which was thought to be inhibited by the robes. Present dayGardnerians mostly circle robed.Other Craft currents are the Alexandrian, similar to Gardnerian.The Dianic, a non-patristic oriented spirituality, birthed byMorgan Fairchild, encouraged by Z Budapest (a hereditary witchfrom Eastern Europe) and Marion Weinstein. The Fairie, a highlyeclectic movement and the Radical Fairies, a Gay men's grouping.Also we have the eclectic people who study religious archeologyand arrive at a synthesis that speaks to the modern day witch in amodern context. The biggest of these is called NROOGD (NewReformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn) and the solitaries,people who are witches but belong to no group.We feel a large percentage of human beings have a very strong needfor a spiritual experience. Each human is different, however. Inour expressions of religion we tend to vary greatly. Thus we havemany religions extant today in America and the World. People mustfind the religion that fits their souls. For SunBear and Salmon,this religion is the religion of Wicca, Witchcraft.