Thursday, August 6, 2009

psychic test: pet silent language

All animals are constantly communicating with one another through the silent language. Clearly and without question, all animals on earth have the power to communicate silently with one another. This power is shared by even plant and vegetable life, fish of the sea, the tiniest organisms squiggling beneath the microscope. At one time in human history, it seems certain, we shared that same power. We have, however, gradually lost and forgotten it as our conscious, verbal means of communication became more and more dominant. In that way, the discovery of our pet's psychic powers is a rediscovery of our own.
A pet may not always be able to understand or interpret all that it perceives in its owner, but in all cases the psychic realm is modulating and informing your pet's behaviour. Whether you choose to or not, you are sending psychic waves which most animals can automatically receive. That is why some animals seem to be such precise and instinctual judges of human character, why some people seem to have such immediate friendships with animals while others find themselves avoided or mistrusted. We have all seen examples of this and have, to one degree or another, explained it by acknowledging certain hidden perceptual powers in animals. Yet even those who recognize and trust the perceptions of their animals often fail to take the next step.
Those moments of extraordinary perception we see in animals are connected to a full and complete system of understanding which is always in operation. Once we can recognize this body of psychic knowledge, this arsenal of psychic skills in our animals, we can enter into a wholly unique and intense relationship with our pets based on their - and our own - psychic powers, and allow our pets to teach us a silent language we once knew, but have lost over the ages

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