Monday, August 3, 2009

cats psychic awareness

This does not mean that the cat is not a suitable or a loving pet. If you are going to have a truly close relationship with your cat, you must adopt your cat's ways of communication - and these are almost wholly psychic. Unlike a dog, you don't get close to a cat by rolling around on the floor with it, or throwing it sticks to chase (though many cats certainly enjoy both of these activities.) You will not even grow close to your cat by doing the things for it that it so manifestly demands - such as stroking it, feeding it, supplying it with catnip, and giving it the most luxurious spots to lounge and doze in. Your cat will definitely be pleased with all of these considerations; but if this is all your relationship consists of, it will be a limited one. The true closeness must come from a different direction: it must come from the psychic realm. True companionship with a cat is based on telepathic communication.
It is often said that cats are the most psychic of all the animals, more closely attuned to human thought and the natural order than even dogs. I see no reason to enter into this old dog-v.-cat argument. All animals are psychic, and each species has a more profound psychic level than any human could hope to understand. However, to some people the private ways of the cat may be misread as a kind of inattention. Compared with dogs, most cats seem a little anti-social, but it is this very aloofness which connects the cat so profoundly to the world of the unseen.
The cat is descended from solitary hunters (rather than from pack animals). This nature has caused it to depend to an extraordinary degree on its psychic abilities. Cats are designed for total awareness it is their nature to respond to the slightest stimuli with utmost confidence and a complete lack of hesitation. This is true of cats in the wild, and it is true of domesticated cats as we've been told. A very highly regarded feline behaviourist and veterinarian once said to me, `The cat is a very psychic animal - it has to be, for survival. Its existence depends on acute psychic awareness

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