Saturday, August 22, 2009

psychic test - psychic forces

TO WHAT FORCE DO WE LISTEN? When you're engaged in serving mankind there is no outside influence that can stop you! But if you're busy serving yourself, you fall victim to the forces that try to enslave you to a level of interest, that is so far below human capability, that it would scare any person who's still capable of thinking! The secrecy that is perpetrated by our governments, is the very same type of delusion and/or enslavement our governments have fallen victims to themselves! In the present moment, the world is in the grip of what could be considered a negative force. It is the result of a trade off between the USA government and alien forces, that stresses technology over honesty and/or peace. Presumably certain deals have been made with these alien forces and certain USA government departments have been deceived! It is assumed that a considerable force of aliens are present at underground locations all over the world. So what? Do we have more right to the earth than they have? However, the whole world becomes upset, when they start stealing the farmer's cows, but we have been stealing honey from the bees for ages! Who is to stop them from doing what we do?

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