Monday, August 3, 2009

psychic test - mystery cats

In fact, I thought his survival mechanisms must have been a little off because he hadn't chosen a very likely candidate in his search for a suitable human companion. Nevertheless, I did give him a name Alexander, or Alex -just so I'd have something to call him while I attended to the real business at hand - which was, of course, finding the home to which he belonged.
As time went on, and I met with no success in finding his true owners, a curious but deniable soft spot for my little grey visitor appeared in my heart. Yet I was still determined to make his stay temporary.
Finally, I found a family who wanted Alex and I carried him the two blocks to their house. We said goodbye and I went off to my classes. When I returned home, Alex was waiting for me on the window sill. He ran down to greet me, making his prrt-prrt, and rubbing his arched back against my legs. I must admit I was glad to see him.
Still, I returned him to the family who'd adopted him and this time I didn't even say goodbye. Alex wasn't fooled by my outward behaviour. He knew I liked him -he knew it better, and even before, I did. That evening he was waiting for me. Again I took him back to the family - who was getting a little bored with the complicated courtship - and this continued for a solid week before I gave in and told Alex he could live with me permanently.
The first thing I learned from Alex was the tremendous affection and fidelity cats are capable of showing. Perhaps it was because he'd been a stray and wasn't happy with the idea of separation; but, in no time, Alex had fitted himself very neatly into my schedule. He followed me to campus every day and, to my surprise, was waiting for me in roughly the same spot each afternoon, though my schedule of classes was changeable. Alex, however, knew when I'd be there. Only once was he late, and I ,could see him streaking towards our spot on the common - like an Olympic runner doing the 500 metres
I was constantly amazed at how he seemed to know my daily schedule, though cat lovers know that felines have a knack for telling time. These cosmic creatures have intricate and unerring internal clocks. One black and white cat by the name of Gypsy is noted in the literature of the field. Gypsy's job was to wake his mistress at six forty-five every morning. However, when it was the season to switch to Daylight Saving Time, his mistress informed him, and Gypsy made the necessary adjustment

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