Thursday, August 6, 2009

psychic pet stories: psychic test

Pet owners have an abundance of stories like these. Some of these stories demonstrate the profound instinctual powers of animals and their highly developed senses of smell and hearing. Yet others cannot be satisfactorily explained by studying the animal' biological nature, and take us beyond the five senses, beyond instinct, and into the realm of the psychic. Even those tales which demonstrate the complex (and magnificent) biological nature o animals are important and deeply instructive to humans. Yet on real education beings when we learn that our pets have powers o which we had never dreamed - powers which often surpass hums abilities!
The power of precognition. The power of ESP. The power of telepathy. And the power to experience a love so pure and deep that it can only be called cosmic. These are but some of the unique abilities your pet can display . . . if you learn how to tune into them.
How is it that our pets can read our thoughts? How do they sense our private emotions, even when we ourselves may not be fully aware of them? Many who have relationships with animals ask themselves these questions but because the answers may take them beyond the well-worn path of accepted knowledge, the questions are left unanswered.
In observing pets and their human companions, as well as through studying the literature dealing with the animal sixth sense, it has been found that those animals with the most highly developed sixth sense are usually those who are most deeply loved by their owners. If not nurtured, the sixth sense in animals will atrophy, or at least remain hidden from human observation. Though a particularly intelligent pet will develop itself and its sixth sense under most circumstances, the most remarkable communications between animal and human need a large measure of human cooperation - a co-operation based on respect for and belief in the animal's innate powers

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