Thursday, October 22, 2009

psychic powers gift combined

The fascinating thing is that human traits, such as intuition, will power and charisma, are also psychic powers combined from the basic psychic gifts! People with strong will power or large charisma do not tend to see themselves as psychic, but in terms of brain waves they are easily placed: Charisma is a combination of the 'recieve present' gift, in the form of reading the minds of those around him, and a strong 'transmit past' power that actually allows him to subtly alter his own personality by changing his past, in such a way that the personality is more agreeable to the person he has just met (and mind-red)! This incredible discovery has been verified through brain wave readings many times in the laboratory. Similarly, 'will power' and 'being visionary' is nothing but a 'recieve future' and a 'transmit future'-psychic power combined.

As we can see, there have been experimental observations of brain waves for all nine positions on this grid - except one. The 'recieve future'+'transmit past' brain wave has not been observed in the laboratory yet, but the GUPT predicts that a psychic power of such a type MUST exist! It turns out (Fig. 7) that if you add *all* brain wave patterns in this grid together (including the theoretical RF+TP power) you get a flat line -- which is exactly what is demanded in standard neurology for a consistent brain function. Therefore, this power must exist, but it has not (yet) been observed

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