Saturday, November 14, 2009

psychic test healing

I believe the chief arrogance of scientists is to insist that the un-known may only be measured by way of the known, i.e. scientific method. It is what I would compare to an insistent assertion that if a magnetic tape can not be played on a Tuba then it does not contain music. Scientific method is specifically designed to remove subjective elements, so what of elements which may only be experienced subjectively an a psychic test?
During a time of serious illness years ago I noticed what appeared to be small circles of color which I sensed with inner vision arising on my body. These seemed to be polarized, only appearing in pairs, and with opposite polarity. I found that by touching the two poles with my two hands, I sensed a circuit of energy flowing through my hands from the circles. It seemed that this flow neutralized the imbalance which existed between the circles. My very severe pain was very noticeably reduced by my laying on of hands to my own body.
Years later during a period when I worked as a nurses aid, I noticed that a few patients on whom I had surreptitiously performed this operation while pretending to adjust sheets, or while performing everyday body care, commented on feeling much better afterwards . I made the serious mistake one day of admitting what I had been doing to one patient who had exclaimed that my hands felt extremely hot, but noticed that her severe pain had all but disappeared. She insisted on knowing what I was doing. Within one day, the predominately Philippine (therefor more inclined toward superstition I thought) staff made it known to me that many of them believed I was a witch! and she wanted me to even take a psychic test ! I never again had the easy trust of the other staff members and in fact was subjected to quite uncomfortable scrutiny. The woman patient who had extracted my secret was so excited about my ability that she radiated an energy which made it impossible for me to give her the same relief from pain again, it was as though her attention to my actions made them impossible. This was not self-consciousness on my part but a physical or energy interference.
As far as scientific research regarding this energy goes, it is often said that the hands of people channeling this energy feel hot to the subject, and so I would say there is clearly a transference of energy. My opinion is that whenever there is an expression of the Divine through the medium of physical matter there is bound to be a corresponding physical mechanism in operation which may possibly be measured. However I wonder at the use of seeking the 'source' of the effect in the physical medium. Perhaps this is like seeking the source of a musical phrase by picking up a trumpet and physically looking into it after the player has gone.

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