Thursday, October 22, 2009

psychic test: TIME IS NOT STATIC

Well, the first observation to make is this:
It has been well known in paranormal circles for decades that some humans indeed do have an ability to recieve information from the past (as in Past Life Regression) and from the future (such as clairvoyance). It is also possible to alter the future and past, although this is less common. Altering the past is called Retrokinesis (1), and altering the future is a process referred to as Fate Bending, used almost exclusively by Voodoo Priests in certain african tribes (2).
For the sake of the GUPT, I will now write up some fundamental psychic powers in a grid, positioning them according to time and action:
PAST PRESENT FUTURE --------------------------------------------------- Recieve Past Life Telepathy Clairvoyance Regression --------------------------------------------------- Transmit Retro- Telekinesis Fate Bending /Alter Kinesis ---------------------------------------------------
This grid should be read as follows: For instance, 'Telepathy' is in the 'recieve' row and the 'present' column. This indicates that telepathy is a paranormal ability that allows the 'seer' to receive from the present. In the same way, 'telekinesis' is a process to transmit or alter the present through psychic means.
All basic psychic abilities can be placed somewhere in this grid. For instance, something like psychic photography is also in the 'telekinesis' box, since it alters the present. Therefore, it is prudent to view psychic abilities not as isolated abilities, but as 'representatives' of one of the six greater categories of psychic powers.

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