Thursday, October 22, 2009

psychic abilities test

Does this sound complicated? Don't worry, it isn't. Let us take an example to truly underline how incredible this result is: Let us take the case of a healer. A healer, while healing, has some interesting brain waves, that don't fit into the basic grid of psychic powers. But, if you add the brain wave patterns of 'recieve present' and 'transmit future', we get an almost perfect match! (Fig 5). How is this to be interpreted? Simple. A healer does nothing more than combine two psychic abilities, each of which on its own is relatively useful. She has a 'recieve present' power, which allows her to psychically recieve the problems of her client. She then uses a 'transmit future' power to alter the client's future in a way so that the problems will not bother her later. This is the way healing works. Simple, yet incredible! I'm not saying healers know that this is the way they are working. Many healers admit blankly that they do not know how their powers work. The GUPT explains it, and also lends strong scientific backing to the exploration and research into making healing more effective. Interestingly, the similar group of 'aura healers' have completely different brain waves. it turns out (Fig. 6) that they use a combination of 'recieve past' and 'transmit past'! This is clear enough, based on the knowledge of auras we have today. It is known (4) that many problems in our auras today stem from a trauma in the past, which left a 'dent' in the aura. To heal this dent, the aura healer uses his 'recieve past' gift to psychically 'read' the trauma in his client's aura. He then uses a 'transmit past' ability, not unlike retrokinesis, to alter the aura's damage in the past. The result is an instant healing in the present!

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