Thursday, October 22, 2009

psychic powers

Our research has shown a strong correlation between the brain waves of the psychic and the type of psychic phenomena taking place. It has been well known for some time that the brain in its different states produces different types of waves, referred to as the 'alpha', 'beta', 'theta' and 'delta' waves. These waves can be measured using an EEG (electro-emcephalograph) (3). There is a measurable similarity between the conjuction of different types of brain waves in a telepathist and a remote seer, or a psychic photographer and a spoon bender. On figure 1, we see the high theta spike from all the 'recieve present'-type psychics, a spike which is completely absent from any of the 'transmit present' types. Similarly, the peaks on the alpha and beta on the 'transmit past' are almost the mirror image of the 'recieve future'. (Fig. 2).

As before mentioned, these six types of psychic powers are all different ways for the psychic to manipulate time. This is the essence of a psychic power. Now, the three powers in the 'recieve' row are all powers that in some way 'funnel' time into the psychic, while in the 'transmit/alter' row the psychic can 'spew' time. This is clearly refected in the brain waves of the two different rows, where they are practically inverse of eachother (fig. 3).
Now, the fascinating thing about this -- and, we dare say, the foundation upon which the GUPT is built -- is nature's capacity to *combine* two psychic powers, as long as one of them is a 'recieve' power, and one is a 'transmit' power. By simply adding the two brain wave functions of two compatible psychic powers, we get a new brainwave (Fig. 4). This resultant brain wave corresponds almost exactly to the brain waves of psychics which other powers! This has been experimentally verified, and has yielded some fascinating new insights into the nature of the human mind and paranormal abilities.

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