Saturday, June 13, 2009

What is Wicca ?

What is Wicca or Witchcraft? When we get asked that question weanswer it in a variety of ways, depending on just what the personis actually asking:

* The Craft is a polythesistic, nature based religion thatgenerally gives much more precendence to the Goddess (thea) thanthe God. Sometimes Witches will spell Goddess with a capital gbut god in lower case. That's one answer.

* The Craft is a religion where all are priestesses and priests.No one is in authority over you, or wants it. That's anotheranswer.

* The Craft is a religion where for every twelve witches, you getthirteen opinions on any subject.

* Witches are both males and female. A male witch is never a"warlock" (perish the word!)

* The Craft is split up into many separate movements, each with atruth.

* The Craft is a religion that has no central authority, nocentral dogma, no central organization, no total agreement onbasic tenants.

* Witchcraft is a unique religion. We don't "worship" anything.We "celebrate" on the cycles of the Sun and Moon (Sabbats andEsbats).

By Paul Cass

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