Monday, June 15, 2009

psychic test: real aliens telepathically

For over 20 years Allan Drake has been obediently listening toalien messages coming to him telepathically. Though at firstresistant and disbelieving, Drake has finally come to terms withhis experiences-and his unseen mentors-enough to recall thecontact hopefully ;and passionaltely express his dismay aboutgeneral ignorance of extraterrestrial phenomenon. He sounds aclear warning that such ignorance must end.
"It is difficult for me to describe my feelings. But I feelthat for me and others the contactee experience has opened up awindow on the many mysteries that have gone unanswered for manycenturies."
"It started in 1959 when I was 14. With my family, I wasliving in a township near East St. Louis, Illinoise. We kidsused to play in an old, abandoned train depot near the house.
"One evening while I was alone and looking down the tracks, Inoticed a glow coming from a distance. At first I thought it wasa train, but it didn't move and I got curious. I started walkingdown the tracks toward the glow."
"I got within 50 feet of what looked like a round, metalliccraft sitting right on the tracks. Three beings stood around it.They were about 4 feet tall with rather large heads and no hair.Their eyes were larger than normal;the noses were very small.They had small mouths. As I approached the beings seemed tostare at me, making no moves."
"I became frightened and tried to hide in a gulley which ranalongside the tracks. The beings turned to face me, stillstaring. I could feel their eyes in my head! While watching thecraft in a prone position, I was struck in the head by a bluebeam of light from the craft, and rendered unconscious. Later Iawoke but the craft and beings were gone. I had the impressionthey had done something to me..."
"Since that time there have been other incidents. Abouteight years ago, while I was taking my son to the movies, my carwas bumped violently from behind while I was waiting at a stoplight. There were no other cars near at the time. When welooked behind, there was nothing there."
"When I arrived home I examined the rear of the car. On thetrunk could be seen five round marks arranged in a circularfashion, each about the size of half-dollar coins. The paint hadbeen 'erased' in those areas.
"About two years later, while working as a guard at a localcollege in the hills, I was sitting in my car at the bottom of ahill, while another guard was on duty at the top. Later he toldme he had seen a blue ball of light over my car, and watched itwhile it flew away. He described it as the size of a basketball.I was unaware of what was happening, but did have the impressionmy memory was being scanned. Different memories were coming tomind, even of childhood times.
"One night about three years later, I was in the living roomwatching television. It was about 2:30 a.m. Suddenly the TVstarted acting funny, and a kind of static charge seemed to fillthe room. Then a huge wind hit the house. It felt like it wasgoing to tear the house apart! I felt like there was some hugeobject right over the house-I was petrified and couldn't leavethe chair. It stopped after a few minutes. Later we found theTV antennae had been damaged.
"Recently there have been other strange incidents of psychic test in myhouse. Knocks come from the walls and roof. Things pop off thewalls at times. All during this time I have had what I believeis telepathic communication with alien beings, who tell methey're from the 'Association of Planets' who started life onthis planet and others. They have mastered what we call geneticengineering and can create any life form they please by arrangingDNA cells. They have powerful mental abilities and can moveobjects by thought alone. They control the human mind byimplanting suggestions, making a person think an objects therewhen it's not, or making it invisble when it's there! It's doneby controlling aspects of the brain.
"It was decided they would build a whole new world on earth.Association scientists got together and decided what life formswould be here, and arrangements were made to create ones to fitin with the various climates on the planet. They wanted abalance where no one life form would dominate. One planetlearder named Lucifer did not agree with this arrangement and hada dispute with the High Council...
"Life was eventually planted on Earth. Scientistsexperimented with different life forms, and some of them didn'twork out...eventually it was decided that the intelligent form oflife would be human in appearance. Different races of humantypes in the Association wanted the first humans on earth toresemble them. The human races were each allowed to plant a manand woman that resembled them in different regions on Earth, anda sophisticated civilzation developed, along with advancedscience.

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