Tuesday, June 16, 2009

psychic test: ufo

A number of cars on US route 119 observed what they thought was anaircraft coming down out of the sky and looked like it was going tomake a crash landing in the middle of the highway. Cars coming fromboth directions observed it. It had green lights, six to eight lights,larger than normal navigational lights, none flashing. Observed for30-40 seconds then from each direction there was like a bend comingaround and right at the spot where they lost sight of it. When theyall came around the bend the hillside was on fire indicating thatit had crashed on a real steep embankment. People stopped on bothsides of the road to climb up the embankment to put out the fire thinkingthat an airplane had crashed, but there was no crash and the objectjust disappeared. There was a nine foot diameter fire on top of thehill. The report went into Emergency Service as an airplane crash.They went up on the hill the next day and found two burnt circles,samples have been taken and are presently at the lab. What was unusualabout it was the fire was put out very quickly but after 15 hoursof the incident the area where the fire had been still had warm stonesbut outside that area the stones were cold. One witness was comingfrom California and was an air traffic controller. He stated he wouldsign a statement stating that what he saw was not a conventional aircraftand it was double tiered object with eight to ten green lights andwhatever it was was not a normal aircraft.

It`s all about psychic test

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