Friday, June 26, 2009

the answer to psychic test

Greetings, again, to ye who read this. Know Ye that, contained withinthis text, exists An Answer to a common Question. This Answer came, assuch Answers are wont, during the Early Hours of the Morning, whilst thisAuthor was engaged in contemplation of certain Matters of SpiritualConcern. WARNING! LET IT BE KNOWN THAT... 1. This Answer is not claimed by its Author to Apply to Everyone... (In fact, it probably applies to but a small minority of people.) 2. This Author is NOT, nor does he claim to be, infallible. (He has erred before, and will, most probably, err again.) (Hopefully, not the same mistake twice.) And so, with the above warnings fully understood, let us proceed...First, the Question, next, Answers which this Author has heard, and lastly,this Author's Answer.The Question: HOW CAN I BE SURE THAT I HAVE FOUND MY TRUE PATH? [nb. This Question may appear in different guises... (eg. How do I knowthat I have found my real religion? , How do I know that I am Right? ,ect..) ]Old Answers: 1. If I have to ask, then it must not be the True Path. (A sarcastic Mystical Response) 2. Because God Told Me So! (A "True Believer" in a "Personal"-Type Religion) 3. Because I have Faith. (Another "True Believer") 4. The Bible tells me so. (Trusts Bible more than Self) 5. "Everyone else" believes this, so it must be right. (A Sheep, with the Herd Instinct in full effect) 6. My Conscience/Heart/Inner Self/ect. tells me so. (Good Answer! But how many are Really "in tune" with themselves?) 7. Because this is where I feel most comfortable, and it's "where I belong". (Another "good answer", but again, not totally conclusive.) 8. I have "seen the Light", and will "change my ways", striving to do only that which is good. (Yet another "Good Answer", but, after having changed your mind once, who's to say you won't change it again?) And so on... Thus, while puzzling over the above Answers, and looking at past lives ofothers, the following theme was noticed: It seems that those who reallythink that they have found their True Path, tend to devote the rest oftheir lives to living in accordance with the way that they have found.Keeping this in mind, your humble author set out to examine his ownlifestyle, to see if he had, indeed, altered his mode of living to thatwhich would be proscribed by the Path that he had chosen. To this Author'ssurprise, he discovered that he had ALREADY been living by the said rulesof his way for a number of years prior to and during the search/choice of aPath. New Answer: If the shoe fits, to the extent that one has been wearing thatshoe for years and never even realized it, then Keep On Wearing It.

special thanks to: Hurn

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