Sunday, December 6, 2009

psychic test and money

Yes, you have to pay real money to get real food and real shelter, but doesn't one also have to do REAL work to get that REAL money? I see little difference between psychic test and common thieves. In fact, I much rather be a common thief, that way there isn't any deception to it. When someone's been robbed by a thief, there aren't any dilusions that go with it. "I've been robbed", or "my purse has been stolen", or "my wallet's been lifted", and that's it. The psychic goes through a lot of crap to tell people things they, most commonly, already know, to take their money just the same way a theif did. Neither worked for the money! And a sap who walks out of a psychic's booth (or whatever) doesn't say "I've been robbed", they honestly think they've spent their money on something worth while (even if their subconscious has to go to great lengths to be sure the psychic's predictions come true).
Now, my "flashes" don't quite fit the mold of "psychic" who might charge, but if I ever got a handle on them, and could produce them as neccesary, I doubt I'd ever charge for them. The time my little sparkle works the least is always the same time I'm trying to make it happen. I can't imagine the pressure to produce on payment helping matters much. If we're talking a prescient, then hows this for the question: Would you tell someone (a stranger) if you suddenly knew horrible news about them? I have on several occasions, and have been
The second criterion I use, which is related to the first, is how useful the information they give me turns out to be.

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