Sunday, September 27, 2009

psychic test - subconscious

Not only does the subconscious make sense of the events of the day in terms of all your experiences in life, the unconscious past-life experiences are then updated with this new data from that days experiences. Karma is dispersed/desires that cause re-birth undone. But in those same experiences are the fresh seed so new desires/karma. In this way the soul makes sense out of incarnations and evolves. The same thing happens when a person believes they are going to die. Their life 'flashes before their eyes.' The soul does an accounting via the subconscious (and unconscious) of remaining desires/karma yet needed to be satisfied - it takes a snapshot of what may need to go to seed in the astral body at death. Superconsciousness of the soul does not take place in time and space. It operates at infinite 'speed.' Note that in clinical psychology the use of the word unconscious now refers to the brain stem and lower animal brain. Here I refer to the unconscious in the sense Carl Jung uses it more or less. Psychology has seen fit to remove the word subconscious from them also. I guess all those hypnotists out there and the mesmerism that preceeded it was all false/wrong...... It doesn't matter how cute (stupid) psychology gets, it is now the right brain hemisphere - a fact I strongly doubt psychologists even know themselves. Stupidity abounds.