Saturday, September 26, 2009

psychic test analog devices

There is no limit to how much you can learn by understanding that you are 2 people. Your right brain is your subconscious that does not use words and is where intuition from the soul (superconsciousness) filters through - because this part of the brain is not saddled with cumbersome words. Stated another way, intuition comes through the subconscious. Understanding happens in the subconscious and then the conscious mind attempts to read the word label off the bucket the image match happened. The conscious mind is the left hemisphere of the brain and is responsible for language and laughter. It is an OUTPUT device only. Just like you printer is clunky and slow - so is your conscious mind saddled with words. The right brain/subconscious is an analog device - it is continuous and not discrete. It can operate at enormous speeds as soon as the clunky conscious mind gets out of the way in sleep.
The left hemisphere of the brain is the conscious mind and this is what needs to be rested in sleep. (not exactly, the subconscious fills up and creates a need to sort out the data for the soul to make sense out of it and it can only do so when the clunky conscious mind gets out of the way. The subconscious never rests.) The same problem crops up in concentration and meditation. If you take a piece of paper and punch a small hole in it and do the same with another sheet of paper, one sheet can be thought of as the conscious mind and the other the subconscious mind. To be successful in meditation both the conscious mind and subconscious mind must work together. Seen in these terms, the 2 holes i n the sheet of paper must line up for you to 'see'. The goal then becomes lining up the 2 holes and this takes steadying the mind/not moving around/jumping from thought to thought. In sleep the subconscious makes sense out of the events of the day for the soul. This is like a good meal for the soul to evolve with. psychic test